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Reviewed by Steve
Jan 17, 2019
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This 3D comes from Germany, I don't have details on the foam but it is a solid piece of work. There are four parts, 2 legs which alone stand almost 3 feet tall, a body section which must weigh almost 20kg and the neck/head section.

When they are all put together this target stands over 6 feet tall and looks fantastic. The foam stops arrows well but is perhaps too thick, there is a huge issue about weight here. Firstly just carrying the body section is not a job for a small person, but the major flaw with this design- and there are several- is that the legs are just not man enough for the job. Before we could use it at all we had a major operation to increase the length of the tubes in it's legs so that a long pin could be inserted further up the leg to improve stability, even then careless removal of an arrow or someone knocking in to it ran the very real risk of knocking it over and damaging it.

The next problem is actually fitting it together, the neck and head section is not an issue but to get the body to line up with both legs causes major problems and is not a job for one person, in fact 3 people are need to ensure that everything will line up. However the problems do not end there, the tubes used so that everything can connect are made of Copper, even the tubes in the legs for the pins. Copper is too soft for the job, you will note the gap between the neck and body, this is caused by an arrow hitting the tube at the join and puncturing it it to the extent that the neck no longer fits.

The 3D is painted well and is different to any of the 3D's you can buy from standard manufacturers, but it appears it was not thought through properly.

If you come across this target it is quite likely you will see it without legs, this is how we use it ( when we do use it) and this is a shame as this is not a cheap 3D.

Artefact Ostrich


Features & Design

A good looking target and a nice idea but poorly designed andmade with a bad choice of materials.


Works fine as a "bedded" Ostrich but you pay for a standing one, body section is too heavy for the legs.

Value for Money

A lot of money for a 3D that doesn't live up to it's promise, better value elsewhere.


It will be difficult to justify spending £400 on this target, unless you already have all the bigger 3D targets from the major suppliers I would give this one a wide berth.

Essential Details

Price : £400

Artefact Ostrich

Well painted with a cheeky face.

Artefact Ostrich

Body is too heavy for the legs and too difficult to position.

Artefact Ostrich

Copper tube to join it together would always be too soft.

Artefact Ostrich

Short copper tube to mount the body to the legs is shoddy, poorly designed and badly made.



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