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Reviewed by Steve
Jan 16, 2019
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It's absolutely shocking how many bows I see with a string on it which should have been junked long ago, if you keep it waxed and look after it I remember being told that a bow string should be replaced after 10,000 shots or after 1 year, for most archers that will mean after 1 year, just because you don't shoot much doesn't mean that you can keep a bowstring for years on end, if you do then eventually it will end in tears, possibly just over a broken bow but that might just be the best scenario, when a bow breaks there is no telling where the bits end up.

You could go out and just buy a new string either off the shelf or custom from a string maker or you could decide to make one yourself " oh no, I just want to shoot, I don't want to be messing about with strings" I hear you say. Well, you can change the characteristics and speed of a bow quite dramatically depending on what you do with the string and how it's made, you can change the material but also the strand count and there is no doubt that a well made string will out shoot a poorly made one. Lets say you wanted to test out various set ups then several custom strings can total a pretty penny.

A one off investment in a bit of string making kit could end up saving you some lucre and broadening your archery knowledge.

For endless loops a string Jig can be made or you could buy one, this Arten Jig can be bought for around £50 and will make your string making much easier.

This isn't a string making " how to" so I am not getting in to a step by step class, what I can tell you is that the jig does what it sets out to do, the 4 winding posts are located 2 at each end and can be swivelled in line with the main body of the jig, this aids setting up the loop servings, the body telescopes and allows you to make a string comfortably up to 70 inches.

I don't find the scale marked on the telescoping mid section to be of much use and have had to mark myself various positions which actually equate to the string length I am making, there is a possibility the scale used has some meaning but I find it easier to work in the string measurement.

The whole jig is quite flexible which means that winding on the string material really tight will start to contort the jig, I use a couple of clamps to fix it firmly to the workbench when I am using it. I also use this jig when I am serving Flemish strings as it keeps everything taut, the flexibility of the jig irritates some folk but I find it to be quite a useful measure of how tight you are pulling everything, you don't really want to be graunching everything super tight anyway. When the winding posts are in the loop making position there is a groove for the "T" piece to slot in to as well as the locking nut, if that makes little sense be assured it is a good thing !

With this jig you will be able to make an endless loop string and serve it - with a serving tool. If you make a dozen or so strings you will be well on the way to recouping the cost of the jig, not to mention all the experimentation you can do. You could use the jig to measure out strands for a Flemish string but for that I find a board more useful.


Features & Design

A nicely designed jig, everything could have been a little more sturdy and rigid but for the budget conscious archers this is a good choice.


It makes strings, there is nothing complicated about it and no other features I would advocate it should have.

Value for Money

At this budget price it makes good value.


Budget string making Jig that will do the job - no complaints here.

Essential Details

Price : £49.95

Arten String jig

The top end telescopes in to the bottom end allowing different length strings to be made.

Arten String jig

When the posts are set in line you can wind on the string to the desired length.

Arten String jig

The central locking nut keeps the jig from collapsing.

Arten String jig

With the posts in this position the loops can be created and served.

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