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Reviewed by Steve
Jan 16, 2019
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Some folks love silencers and other hate 'em. I have used many different types and they all work to a greater or lesser degree. It isn't just about quietening the bow string so that prey won't hear you, a lot of archers use silencers and never hunt at all. One advantage of taking the noise and vibration out of the string is that the vibration won't be transmitted in to the bow and in to the archers hand. When a bow has been quietened right down there is nothing like the flat thud of an arrow being loosed toward the target.

These little chaps are probably the cheapest on the market, they can be installed through the string, which is my preferred method, or attached to the string either with serving thread or I have seen folks use zip ties. Most bows will benefit from the addition of a silencer, these type are particularly useful as many of todays' bows are dead or almost dead in the hand and many have built a reputation for quiet shooting bows, in some cases I will install just a half of a cat's whisker and these are easy to cut down. Another bonus using rubber is that they are waterproof, many fur or felt silencers will end up just a soggy lump on the string in wet weather.

I use several types of silencer on many of my bows, for a long time I was convinced they would steal speed from my string, however after extensive testing I now use them as thier effect on performance is less than negligible and I am the kind of archer who takes a couple of strands out of the string as it can add a foot or two per second to the speed of the bow.

Cats Whiskers Silencers


Features & Design

Simple rubber silencer


Perhaps not as effective as other methods but they will do the job and the difference is noticeable,

Value for Money

So cheap you should try them just for the hell of it...


Effective at making the bow more quiet and cheap as chips.

Essential Details

Price : £1.75

Cats Whiskers Silencers

There are 2 strips in each pack.

Cats Whiskers Silencers

For ease of application all the strands are connected.


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