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Reviewed by Steve
Jan 17, 2019
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What with £/$ exchange rate the way it is these targets no longer offer the superb value they once did, that said, if you are looking for a 3D target for the garden or for your own personal use you won't go far wrong with this budget 3D.

It has the features you would expect from a manufacturer of Deltas standing. The foam is solid enough and will take a terrific amount of punishment, The head is detachable as are the legs and it comes with antlers so looks very realistic. I would say that if you are not a great shot or intend to practice at a great distance take the antlers off - if you shoot woodies you will eventually smash an arrow as the antlers are an unforgiving hard plastic.

The Deer stands 48.5" to the top of the antlers and 43" X 40" X 10" for the rest, to save on cost the Deers legs are again hard plastic, they are hollow so an arrow will stick in if hit, but if it's not a clean hit it will probably break your arrow, if it does stick in you have a decision to make, use a knife to cut the arrow free to save damaging it or yank it out and probably loose the tip, compress the end or break it all together. You could of course just use the body or put some bales of straw in front which is what I do - these are good and cheap in terms of 3D targets.

You can shoot both sides and it has a replaceable vitals area, but this always gets me... why have the head facing one way ?, I know it doesn't matter but for some reason I would prefer to shoot the side with the head angled toward me rather than away- better just to have the thing looking straight ahead.

In terms of what £80 odd quid will buy you in the way of a target, you won't get much, an SRT Rabbit will set you back £55 or a pheasant will cost you £90, a bunch of cardboard and a delta face will cost you less but I have 20 of these Deer and they will take thousands of shots before they fall apart and if you get good enough you will only have to replace the vitals - there really is nothing like practising on a 3D !!


Features & Design

It is a budget 3D, but the removable vitals are a nice feature - plastic legs are hard on arrows but if you want foam legs spend more !!


Looks good and will last for ages, easy removal of arrows from the body and light enough to move around

Value for Money

Despite the £ rate these targets are still excellent value and per cubic centimeter of target probably the cheapest 3D you can buy.


Great target that doubles as an interesting garden feature !

Essential Details

Price : £85

Delta Backyard Buck

Paint them up and from a distance these can look very life like


Delta Backyard Buck

3D Vrs Paper ?? No contest...


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