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Reviewed by Steve
Jan 17, 2019
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One of the T series North America Large game targets, and large he is, one of the most impressive 3D targets available, this one has the wow factor !

The weakest part of any 3D is the area where it is jointed, especially on the larger, heavier targets, this one gets a big thumbs up, the main body is the largest part with the back legs section being much smaller, but it fits well and this particular area does not come under great strain, certainly not enough to stress the joint. The paws and legs are also separate as is the head which means that this 3D comes apart in to 7 pieces, probably more pieces than any other 3D. This does not cause problems though because it comes apart in all the logical places, the leg joints are reinforced by having both a plastic cup and sleeve jointing system which gives greater strength. The head section is a twist and lock affair and not protected by a plastic sleeve which is a shame because the friction between the foam parts does cause undue wear whilst putting it together and taking it apart. This will eventually lead to a loose head.

The creature rests it's front legs on a stump which is also made of foam, the paws attach with just 2 metal pins which protrude from the underside of them.

The target is made from Tech-Flex which is claimed to be "the most advanced technology for performance and durability. With self-healing and memory characteristics, Tech Flex enables targets to stand up to numerous shots without developing holes, and provides easy arrow removal". Similar claims are made by McKenzies Dura Flex, but I doubt there will be any court cases over this as they are both part of the same outfit.

The Target tested here stands 60" tall, is 61" long and 22" wide, that is a big chunk of target and should last a long time, this particular one is 18 months old, has been shot a huge number of times but shows no signs of really bad wear apart from where the head twists on.

It looks realistic and despite the price tag is a good value target.

Delta Grizzly


Features & Design

Super looking target, comes apart into manageable pieces and the legs have a twist lock plasic socket.


Inevitably the teeth will be shot out, I am forever gluing what's left of them back in because they make it look good - shame they don't supply spare teeth with it. Other than that it's excellent.

Value for Money

Sure it is a lot of money, but it is a lot of target.


Well priced for the sheer volume of target this represents.

Essential Details

Price : £670

Delta Grizzly

Great looking target.

Delta Grizzly

The Log is foam too... and just for the record.. IT DOES NOT SCORE !!

 Delta Grizzly


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