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Reviewed by Steve
Jan 17, 2019
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This superb little target stands 22.5" tall, 32.5" long and 10" wide, if ever there were a target to stand testament to the longevity of a Delta target this one is it !

At 5 Years old he is one of the longest surviving members of our 3D line up, a test that lasts that long will find out all that there is to know about a target. Every week dozens of archers put dozens of arrows in to this target, over the years that will total thousands if not 10's of thousands of arrows. The target is now at the end of his useful life and will be retiring at the end of October.

It is made from Tech Flex E-Z pull foam with the oversized replaceable core, features the Microcellular foam system for exceptional arrow stopping, enhanced healing, extended core life, and easy arrow removal.

This particular target has over the years been roughly handled, bounced, thrown, dropped and even sat on, over the last month it has started to "chunk up" a little but I have nothing but praise for this 3D. The price makes this tremendous value.



Features & Design

Solid little 3D with a replaceable core


Longest lasting 3D we have tested over 5 years !

Value for Money

£105 for a target that has lasted 5 years.



Essential Details

Price : £105

Delta Javalina

Old but still smiling !

Delta Javalina

Still useable despite a few chunks off it's back.

Delta Javalina

The replaceable core could extend the life of this 3D by years !!


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