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Reviewed by Steve
Jan 17, 2019
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The biggest in Deltas' T series North American large game targets. What a monster ! He stands 50" tall, 82.5 " long and 17" deep. Where ever and when ever you see this target it is always impressive, archers just love to shoot these great big targets.

In 6 parts:- 2 separate back legs, the front legs are together in one piece, there is a hind section, a mid section and a huge head. The legs attach to the body using the twist lock system, a hard plastic sleeve and joint is locked in place by a quarter turn. The same is true of the front legs. The body goes together by means of what would be known in carpentry as a biscuit joint. All sections of the body and head have rectangular hollows and these are filled with a separate jointer which goes half in each side thus keeping it all together.

Rather oddly these too are made of foam, although they work the fact that they are not solid means there is movement between the joints, this movement is a one way street in that the joint will only ever get weaker as the foam becomes weaker. The body isn't too bad but the head is very large and heavy and it is a matter of short time, less than 5 uses before the head starts to sag from the body, unless supported it will hang forward and eventually spoil the joint completely - this is a real shame because this is a cracking great target which should in theory be the center piece of any shoot. Supporting the head can become a pain as extra supports need to be carried out wherever the target is going.

We have had this target for over a year it doesn't get used as much as it deserves because of the joint issue - this is a recurring trend amongst 3 D manufacturers, and they have not managed to find a solution to producing large 3D targets which have strong enough joints to keep them together.

This Buffalo offers a large specimen target at a large price.

Delta Buffalo



Features & Design

A large target with iffy joints, the head is too heavy for foam joint strut.


With extra support for the head this is a fabulous show piece target

Value for Money

A lot of cash for a saggy headed Buffalo


Sort out the head joint problem and you have a stunning target that everyone will want to shoot.

Essential Details

Price : £800

Delta Buffalo

 Great looking target, but it nees a straw bale to support it's head.

Delta Buffalo

Plenty to go around.

Delta Buffalo

When placed beside a standard Deer you can see how enormous it is.


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