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Reviewed by Steve
Jan 17, 2019
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Original Review 19th October 2009.... update

A somewhat unorthodox 3D target, especially as Romans became extinct almost 600 years ago,  however this makes a huge change from the endless diet of Deer and Boar.

Probably won't be a hit with field archery purists but an excellent target in my opinion. A sensible approach sees this Roman moulded in 2 pieces, split at the waist. There are no "bits" sticking out although the toes and feet may eventually suffer damage with careless handling. Both the helmet and the shield are integral parts of the 3D, the joint is a wonderful hexagonal male/female affair which has the top half slot very nicely in to the bottom half. Despite the two holes in the feet being very close together, they are long, which means there are no real stability issues.

The makers claim their 3D's contain more material than others and judging by the density of the foam this could well be true, they claim it will last longer than others and again ours has been hammered for the past 8 months without ill effect. Another nice touch is that the foam is coloured, little of the 3D is actually painted which means that unlike every other kind of 3D it won't fade and become a blob. The foam is made from a dense self healing foam and although the targets are actually made in Hungary the material is imported from Germany.

A good quality target made from solid long lasting foam. With the exchange rate from Sterling to Dollar getting ugly for importers I imagine we will see more and more of the European 3 D targets especially as the quality seems to be getting better with each new target we see. This fellow is tall at 170 cm, that's just about 67" and 50cm (19") deep and wide.

Updated 5th December 2011

2 years on and "Quintus Arrius" as he is known is still going strong, where other targets have protrusions which break, this target scores well as only the feet stick out from the main body, even these are still intact.

The real coup with this particular 3D, and the reason why he is one of our favourites is that the joint is almost indestructible, it is a very positive joint with no twisty bits to wear out... in the 2 years since this original review he has had quite literally thousands upon thousands of arrows hit him but he still looks in great shape, the colours have not faded and we fully expect another 2 years work from him.Look out for more Eleven target reviews in the new year.



Features & Design

Good looking, solid with no parts to break off, coloured foam means no fading and wearing off of coloured areas.


Very good performance from high density foam. Excellent hex joint.

Value for Money

Superb value, although in terms of 3D targets, at almost £400 you have a lot of choice where to spend it and what to buy. This is a lot of target and it will outlast many similar sized but much more expensive 3D's


Lasts well, adds a touch of novelty to a shoot and offers good design features. A soli, dependable target.

Essential Details

Price : £380

Eleven Roman 3D

Good solid tall target.

Eleven Roman 3D

Adds interest and novelty to a shoot.

Eleven Roman 3D

Well designed with a good joint

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