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Reviewed by Steve
Jan 17, 2019
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There are an almost unlimited number of tabs and shooting gloves, when using lighter weight bows under 50# I find a glove gives a lot of feel through the leather, this glove has the seams running along the back of each finger on both sides, this gives a nice square feel to each finger socket. Thicker leather than most gloves, or at least harder leather maintains the shape of the glove. Because leather does stretch over time and especially on an item like this where the fingers are bent and under strain, I generally use one that starts off very tight, the thing I have found with the Gompy glove is that the elasticated part which runs down the back of the hand and connects the fingers to the wrist strap is quite short and after a few shot the velcro can become a little loose. The glove then sits around the wrist at an uncomfortable angle, you will often notice glove shooters unsconsiously twisting the glove back into position between shots.

Expect the glove to last a long time, this makes them very good value over an expensive tab although over time the velcro does lose it's stick.

If you are used to a tab it won't take long to get used to the feeling of not having a flappy thing in your hand, although slightly more effort is need to take it off you will find that when shooting and scoring you won't necessirily need to take it off like a tab.

I used to shoot almost exclusively with a glove I now shoot with a tab too. Most often tabs are thicker and offer more protection than a glove, however increased "feel" from a glove can be an advantage. These are good gloves and I have no problem recommending them.Best bought when you have tried them on for size.


Features & Design

Seams are stitched at the back of the finger on both sides giving a nice snug fit at the fingers. the leather is thick offering good protection.


As long as you have the right fit a glove is an excellent finger protector.

Value for Money

At around £8 you can expect at least a year of hard shooting.


Good protection, nice tight fit, enhanced feel adds to the shooting experience.

Essential Details

Price : £8

Gompy Glove

Once worn in a glove will feel natural.

Gompy Glove

Be sure to get the right size and remnember that leather will stretch.

Gompy GloveExcellent fit will ensure good releases.


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