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Reviewed by Andy
Jan 16, 2019
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Writing a review is never easy, apart from the actual testing process which is long and detailed, then comes the sitting down and writing part. I'm sure if you ask most people what they like about a particular item of their kit, they would be hard pressed to actually put their finger exactly on what it was that made them choose, or more importantly, stick with a particular item. Writing a bow review on the surface looks easy as there is plenty to talk about, what it's made from, how long it is, what poundage and so on. But when it gets down to the knitty gritty of what the bow is actually like to shoot it's gets very hard to come up with something original and not look like you are repeating yourself. This becomes even more of a challenge when you have been shooting for some time, without wanting to sound big headed I can shoot pretty much anything well, this has been true over the last few months as my main go to competition bow has been back with the bowyer having some work done on to make sure it's in tip top condition for the coming year and I have been shooting top level scores and winning tournaments with bows I have only shot a few times in the past and almost never in competition. So when it comes to that final conclusion I can't fall back on scores or poor shots to tell you what makes the difference, it all generally comes back to a feeling I get for the bow which is virtually impossible to express in words. It also translates poorly when I'm trying to convince somebody that bow X is worth paying a 25% premium for over bow Y just because of a feeling I have, however genuine that feeling is to me. 

So having to write a sizeable review about a finger sling filled me with dread. The normal exposition of materials and design are left redundant, I can't talk in glowing terms of the way it's been designed or how the manufacturer has added a certain feature which sets this bow sling significantly apart for any other one I might have had. Talking about what it does is also onerous as it's such a simple concept it's hard for it to do anything wrong if it's to have any function at all.  

Finger Slings

I suppose a journey we can go on is to explain what a finger sling is and why you might use one, certainly in traditional archery circles they are not that common and if your route hasn't been via target archery they might have by passed you all together. There are so many things that need to be remembered when shooting that putting them all in to practice takes time, we teach 20-30 people a week to shoot, most of them absolute beginners. During our introduction we mention that you should use a loose grip on the bow but with everything else to remember this generally is that last thing people remember. This results in people gripping the bow too tight which can with the field bows we use cause problems of the riser rubbing on the knuckle of the thumb, the thumb rubbing however is only minor in relation to a deeper problem, bow torque. 

If you grip the bow too tightly when drawing the bow this will cause the bow to be under sidewards pressure, when you release the bow will twist which can often effect the flight of your arrow and cause it to fish tail (wave side to side) or worse go off in a direction away from where you were aiming. If you watch Olympic archers they will have almost no grip on the bow at all and the only contact point is the web of the hand, on release the bow will fall forward, almost rotating as there is no grip applied to the bow at all. As a traditional archer, I have a slight grip on the bow, but this is just enough to stop the bow flying forward on release. At the sort of distances I normally shoot this is not a major issue and I have gained enough experience to apply the right amount of grip to avoid bow torque, however when I have shot target at 70 meters I do see the effect of it clearly. I have to concentrate and let the bow do the work and rely on a finger sling to stop the bow flying forward. 

Closer View of Finger Slings 

There are two main ways to aid with this problem, a bow sling which attaches to the bow and you put your hand through or a finger sling. Personally I prefer the finger sling and this example from Legend is an excellent choice. The cord is well padded and feels nice when on the thumb and first finger. There are three clear sections of plastic which perform 2 functions, the middle one stops the bow sliding around when the loose grip is applied, the other two are pulled to adjust the fit around the fingers. They come with the obligatory Legend Archery Co. branding which makes the look much more interesting and recognisable than your average finger sling. There are also five colours to choose from, black, orange, red, blue and yellow, which is a nice range and there should be something to meet every bodies needs. 

I used one when shooting in the test woods a few weeks ago and it was excellent, the material seems to be hard wearing but was very comfortable which cannot be said for all slings. This is one of those products which can really only be reviewed on it's lack of performance or faults in it's one key area and the truth is that the Legend Finger Sling has no faults, it's a finger sling and a very good one at that. If your coach mentions bow torque or that you are gripping the bow then this would be an excellent bit of kit to remedy the situation with minimal fuss and minimal outlay. 



Features & Design

Not much to go wrong here, and it doesn't. Legend seem to have done a great job with the materials once again.


Stops the bow flying forward. Not meant to do any more or less than that and does it perfectly.

Value for Money

For the quality and style you really can't go wrong at £2.60, buy 5 and stick them in all your pockets so you are never without one.


If bow torque or gripping is a problem this is your solution. As always excellent value and quality from a Legend product.

Essential Details

Price : £2.60

Finger Sling in Action
A nice loose grip, let the pressure of the bow keep it in place. 

Steve and Andy

Steve Nicholson and Andy Gilfrin, are real archers interested in the best archery suppliers have to offer. In our search for the very best bow, arrows and equipment we have shot, used and worn pretty much everything on offer.

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