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Reviewed by Andy
Jan 16, 2019
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As a field archer easy movement around the woods if paramount for me, not only do you have to deal with low hanging branches, there are bushes to content with, jumps across steams and ropes to haul yourself up the side of a steep hill. Therefore I like to travel light, as light as possible and that means a nice small unobtrusive quiver. I'm currently using something small and light weight but I'm always looking for that advantage and trying new stuff all the time is the only way to really make sure you are using the best kit you can. I have been through my fair share of quivers, side, back, hip and even bow and pocket quivers, so I know what makes a good one and what I think makes a bad one. 

So it was packed with all that experience and knowledge of quivers that I headed off in to the Archers Review test woods with the Legend ProLine 3 tube quiver attached to my belt. Our test woods and course have been set up to make sure we see the best and worst of every bit of field kit we test. It makes for an entertaining day as we have a 20 foot ditch which we criss-cross during the day, 10 foot sheer drops and even a shot from an old oak tree. Just getting around the course is a challenge in itself let alone shooting and reviewing the equipment as you go. It has pretty much everything and this weekend we even had the extreme weather to contend with. 

Legend ProLine 3 Tube Quiver Front View 

The ProLine is the base model in Legends more well equipped Pro range, I say base line but that does it a disservice as it is packed with features which we will have a look at in a second. The quiver has an overall length of 16.5" which on the face off it seems rather short for a quiver, given your arrows are likely to be 28" or more, but this is not an issue, the arrows are more exposed than in most side quivers but despite plenty of flapping about and a trip in the stream, more on that later, there was no chance of the arrows escaping. The body of the quiver is ballistic nylon which I talked about when I reviewed the Legend arm guard, however it also features Ripstop nylon so I can now bore you with more information about different types on nylon. Ripstop as the name suggests is designed to stop rips appearing in the fabric, a honeycomb pattern of stronger yarns so that if the nylon is split the rip ends in one of these small honeycomb sections rather than going further. Why, you ask is this at all relevant to quivers, well in yet another on of those extra details you see on every Legend product it has a purpose, the Ripstop is places around the entry to the arrow tubes, this means that if you miss the tube, as I always seem to do and drag the arrow down the side of the quiver a rip won't appear, excellent stuff yet again from Legend. There is also some around the area where your obligatory pens fit just in case you are a little ham fisted with those as well. 

There are three arrow tubes, which are not massive but that is in keeping with the compact form of the quiver in general. To be honest I carry 5 arrows at most when shooting and there is more than enough room for those. When inserted into the quiver the tubes are held in place by elastic, however unlike cheaper quivers the elastic is stitched twice with a nice long section along the back of the quiver which makes the three places for the tubes to fit, removing and replacing the tubes was an easy task. 

Legend ProLine 3 Tube Quiver Back View 

As with most quivers of this type there are a number of pockets. The large one on the side is particularly good as the zips, which are waterproof, extend around 70% of the pocket which means that you can flap it completely open and get access to everything in there. Inside is an open pocket and also a zipped pocket, it's not particuarly deep but could hold most of what you might normally keep in a quiver. On the outside of the pocket is space for 4 pens, with that Ripstop nylon, and another open pocket, ideal for a score card. The zips are good quality, I say zips plural as there are two which means you can open and close the pocket any way you fancy. They also come with strings and large toggles so there is no messing around trying to get at the zip. 

There is a second pocket at the top of the quiver near the belt loop, this is square and has two compartments. The larger one offers a great deal of space and the smaller one access from the front would be good for the odd smaller item. There are a couple of other features, a plastic D ring which you could attach a key ring too, a hole at the bottom, which I'm not exactly sure is for, and a Neoprene loop. What I hear you ask is a Neoprene loop, personally I have no idea but it looks ideal for slotting a bracing height gauge into, which is an essential bit of kit and a place to keep it is very welcome indeed. This is the bit where I would normally go off talking about how Yamaha are using Neoprene as a replacement for cork in musical instruments, but I won't, it's just that Legend are kind enough to tell us exactly what materials are used and I feel it my duty to expand. Finally on the back is a space for an ID card, either to identify the quiver as yours or even an archery membership card of some sort.

Legend ProLine 3 Tube Quiver worn 

So, how does it perform. Well rather well indeed, as I say my little trip around the woods was totally trouble free. The quiver kept the arrows in place really well, side quivers have a tendency to flap around but I think this ones compact form means that is kept to a minimum. Arrows were easy to access, if anything the shorter overall length meant that taking them out was a little easier than with some longer quivers. At one point while trying to retrieve an arrow from the opposite bank of a stream I slipped and fell in the water, it was all rather comical, yet the quiver was fine and even though I was at a steep angle the arrows held firm. 

Yet another excellent product from Legend. So join me next time for further adventures in DuPont chemicals, where did I put that Dacron....


Features & Design

Loads of pockets and places to keep stuff. It's on the small side but for many that will be the appeal. The usual range of Legend extras such as Ripstop nylon gets this top marks.


You stick arrows in it, it keeps the safe, there when you want them and not there when you don't.

Value for Money

By no means expensive and competitively priced for a mid budget quiver with these features.


Excellent all round quiver which the usual extras we are starting to expect from Legend.

Essential Details

Price : £25


Legend ProLine 3 Tube Quiver Top Pocket 
A good look at the top pocket, which has plenty of room... 
Legend ProLine 3 Tube Quiver Main Pocket 
...as does the side pocket
Legend ProLine 3 Tube Quiver Top Pocket 
A view showing the depth of the pocket. 


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