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Reviewed by Andy
Jan 16, 2019
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Getting the right quiver can be difficult, while most shops will be more than happy to let you try one for size it's only when you are out in the field or in the woods that you get a real idea on how it's going to perform. Side quivers are excellent for target shooting, the arrows are close to hand and in normal conditions the quiver is pretty stable. However get out in to the woods and it's a different story, catching on trees flapping about when climbing over logs and all the benefits are soon lost to a host of issues.

It's a similar story with a back quiver, it doesn't offer the same accessibility as a side quiver when it comes to arrows but it is much more suited to use in the woods, well to a point because getting under a fallen tree can be a pain as you have to stoop extra low to make sure you don't damage you arrows on the way past. 

Luckily for me I found the ideal quiver early on but I totally by passed the hip quiver. When a friend recently took up archery he knew he didn't like side quivers and had seen enough people struggle with getting arrows from a back quiver to know he wanted something a little different. As he was just starting out he didn't want to pay the high price for the sort of quiver I use so went for a cheaper hip quiver. After a few months shooting he says for him it's the best of both worlds offering easy access to the arrows while keeping them out of the way when shooting and moving around. 

I met up with him yesterday for a days shooting and I asked him to bring along a hip quiver for me to review. His first hip quiver was the MAC Leather Hip quiver, in many ways a budget option at less than £11 if purchased on-line. The quiver is made from thick suede and is very well stitched together, despite my use of the word budget it feels nothing but. I like my shooting to be just so and I was a little concerned that I would hate the quiver and that would ruin my day, but I was determined to use it and see how I did. 

Firstly on the practical front it doesn't hold a ton of arrows, I was using 7 and I would think 8 would be the maximum before you started to see fletchings getting squashed. There are no pockets on the quiver at all so it's only function is as a holder for arrows. Within the pocket is a small strap of suede which allows you to separate a few arrows, however when I tried to use this the advantage of the quiver was lost as the arrows no longer swept back and started to get in the way a bit. That was more a design flaw with hip quivers in general but it does mean all the arrows are contained together which can be a problem when you need to select a particular arrow from the bunch. 

Walking around was not a problem and it was less flappy than I had anticipated. However moving too fast and moving over and under obstacles the arrows did start to flap around a fair bit and I felt myself a few times having to hold the quiver still. But despite that in general the quiver did an excellent job of staying out of the way and I was far less aware of it that I thought I would be. 

For the price this is an excellent quiver and unless you really want pockets and gizmo's is more than good enough as a means of getting your arrows around.


Features & Design

Not exactly packed with features, but it does look nice and is well made.


Possibly could do with something to keep it close to the leg, but all in all does a good job.

Value for Money

A real bargain in my opinion, if you haven't used a hip quiver before it's worth buying one of these just to try.


Overall a very decent quiver which does the job well. The fact it has no pockets is more than made up for by the fact it costs £11.

Essential Details

Price : £10.86

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