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Reviewed by Steve
Jan 17, 2019
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McKenzie make some cracking targets, this one is the African Lion from the Safari Series and stands 36" tall and 63" long, physically this is an impressive target.

The very first thing you notice when you get one is the difference in weight between the mid section and the other 2 section ( head and back legs), this is because the mid section features Dura Flex foam which is billed as "the most advanced foam material used in targets today for extreme durability, unmatched resiliency, and easy arrow removal".

This can only be a good thing as the mid section is where the bulk of arrows will, or at least should hit, indeed shooting at this target has proved how durable this Dura Flex is, the target reviewed here has been shot thousands of times and is still looking really good, happily the archers shooting it are not hitting the same spot each time and we anticipated that this target would prove to be value over time as it should last.

The target looks good and always gets a response from archers, I love the really big 3 D's.

There is however an issue which has come to light over the period of use, the disparity of weight between the mid section and the back section has seen the sliding joint come under a lot of stress to the point where the lighter back section of the joint is now breaking away. The mid section has the "male" part of the joint, a V section in heavy Dura Flex which slides in to the "female" V section of the back part which is a much lighter and less dense foam. Despite careful assembly and care whilst taking down this part (female V section) is now half cracked, when the rest of the joint goes it will render the target useless. I am not sure if this is a one off problem with this particular Lion as the back section is so very much lighter than the mid section or if they are all made like this - having only one of these targets means we can not tell.

Considering the price of this Lion the joint should be better.



Features & Design

Good looking target, mid section is Dura Flex a much denser foam with excellent arrow stopping properties, however the disparity in weights between sections leads to premature wear and stress on the mid joint.


Performs superbly as a target. Issues with the joint mean it is penalised here.

Value for Money

If not for the joint problems it would score higher.


We are dissapointed that we can only score the target as we have, the joint issues dominate the view of this target as without the ability to put it together it doesn't matter how good it stops arrows or how good the Dura Flex works. Were it not for this it would undoubtably score much higher.

Essential Details

Price : £670

McKenzie Lion

Instantly recognisable as a Lion.

McKenzie Lion

Will take a lot of arrows and still looks good.

McKenzie Lion

The mid section joint will break long before the target is shot out.

McKenzie Lion

Thick enough to shoot both sides but despite careful handling the joint is not up to the job.


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