Mckenzie Mountain Lion Target

Reviewed by Steve
Jan 17, 2019
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From the Natra-look range of 3D targets.

Another excellent McKenzie target which features Dura Flex foam which claims to be the most advanced foam used in targets today.

This 3D is a solid realistic target standing 24" tall it is 49" in length. This one has been in use for over 18 months and despite being shot with hundreds of arrows several times a week it still looks in superb condition, I like this target because there are no protruberances, nothing to snap off or break, it comes apart in 3 sections, the center one is the one which the publicity says has the Dura Flex foam, but unlike the African Lion there is no great disparity in weight between the 2 sections - they fit together well and the head section fits without issues too.

Arrow removal is a little tight, but that just shows the quality of the foam.


McKenzie Mountain Lion

Note how the mid section has soaked up punishment from arrows whereas the front and rear section show old arrow impacts.


Features & Design

Good Looking targe with excellent arrow stopping power, with no "bits" to break off this is a well designed target


Stops arrows well and the mid section soaks up punishment and looks good even after thousands of arrows.

Value for Money

A very nice solid target which will last well.


Scores high as it performs all the tasks a course layer or archer will want, in particular a nicely made target that will last and doesn't cost the earth.

Essential Details

Price : £270

McKenzie Mountain Lion

Don't be fooled by his sweet expression.. he would just as soon chew your face off...

 McKenzie Mountain Lion

Uses IBO scoring rings.

McKenzie Mountain Lion

How many times have you shot through the small gap under the belly ?


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