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Reviewed by Andy
Jan 16, 2019
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Where and how to store your arrows is a difficult question to answer. Many people like myself are not lucky enough and don't have the room to store their arrows in racks and so resort to storing them in the same containers we transport them in. For many that's an arrow tube which on the surface is a good option. The problem with an arrow tube is that in general they are pretty small and the arrows get squashed up and I know I have had issues with one or more fletches getting flattened. 

Arrow cases are available but they tend to be big and bulky and for their size don't actually hold that many arrows. However I recently purchased something a little different, it is an arrow case but is compact so doesn't take up too much room either at home or when taking it out to shoot. MTM manufacturer gun and ammunition cases but also have a range of archery related cases, this one is Compact at 33" x 5.9" x 3" the important difference being the 5.9" depth of the box as this is around half the dimensions of a regular arrow case. Externally it has plastic clips to keep the box closed which work very well, it also has a ridge in the top and corresponding raised areas on the bottom, this allows the boxes to be stacked which is actually a very good feature as the larger cases don't tend to stack up too well. 

It's internally where the compact part comes in, at 3" high there isn't a mass of room in there and unlike many case the sponge separators are only on the one side. This means arrows have to be stacked and with only 4 slots it means the capacity is a comfortable 8 or a rather crowded 12. Personally I'll be only putting in 8 arrows as the whole point of using one is to keep the arrows fletching from becoming damaged. There is no handle to pick up the case which makes sense as it is supposed to be compact so doesn't waste space but does mean you will need a spare hand to carry it around, there are however ridges in the top and bottom to grip it by. It's made from plastic but it's pretty hard and you would imagine it will take a fair amount of punishment. It also has a hole in both top and bottom parts so you can padlock the case, but you would need to be pretty paranoid to do that. 

Maximum arrow length is 32.2" but it would be a pretty tight fit as my arrows are 29" and there doesn't look like there is a lot of room in there.

Overall it's a good little case, but little is the operative word. Certainly not going to work as a permanent solution but should do the job transporting arrows to and from a shoot. 

MTM Compact Arrow Case



Features & Design

Small and compact, looks nice and is well built.


I suppose if you are buying a compact case a lack of space isn't a surprise but I would have hoped to get a full dozen in. Even with 8 the foam has to be pushed in to place when closing.

Value for Money

Actually pretty cheap but you would need to buy a couple of them.


A good bit of kit, it's appeal also being it's downside, a little too small and compact.

Essential Details

Price : £16


 MTM Compact Bow Case Closed

When closed it is very slim

MTM Compact Arrow Case Open

Room is at a premium even with 8 arrows in place

MTM Compact Arrow Case Close Up

Not a great deal of space at the ends

MTM Compact Arrow Case Locking Clips

Well made with decent looking clips.


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