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Reviewed by Steve
Jan 16, 2019
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You know what I hate ?.... well actually there is loads of stuff, don't get me started.

What really does irritate me is that you spend ages tuning up the bow for a shoot and getting it shooting just nice and then take it down.

The next time you unpack it the string has come off the bow and un-twisted itself, Yes, I know you are very organised and made a note of the exact brace height but it isn't the same as having it just as you left it.

That's why I have a heap of these string keepers, I have a heap because I get through them at a startling rate ( just careless I guess).

I like these ones, mind you the first thing I do is take the tassle thing with the nasty cheap bead on the end off. It does a great job of keeping the string exactly the same as when I last used it.

I was initially concerned about the rivet that secures the hook, indeed I was a little concerned about the hook itself, being metal I thought they might scratch the finish on my bow - I am currently using an ACS and the finish on it is quite fragile and susceptible to scratches and dings, however I do try to take care and so far there have been no incidents. The other thing with a metal hook is that you really don''t want anything sharp near your string, although the sides of the hook are dull it's worth taking care when putting it on or off.

I see so many folks messing with their strings just prior to shooting because they don't use a string keeper and then they have the nerve to moan about the nock point being too high or too low - just get a string keeper and stop being a donkey !!



Features & Design

Not rocket science at all - it fits over the nock and a retaining hook "keeps" the string.


Never had a problem whilst using one of these.

Value for Money

If I spend a day tuning my bow it is easily worth six bucks to me to keep the string where I want it.


Well made, and it does the job.

Essential Details

Price : $5.69

Neet String Keeper

Will fit any bow.

Neet String Keeper

Neet String Keeper

Initial concernes over the securing hook and rivet, but as yet it has not scratched the bow. 


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