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An armguard isn't the sort of purchase you make on a regular basis and despite them being relatively inexpensive you tend to stick with what you have bought and just get used to it.

There are heaps on the market and on Ebay everyone with a Stanley knife claims to be a leather worker. The one I am looking at here is actually the one I currently use, it's over 8 years old now and has developed that lived in look.

A bracer should protect from the odd string slap incident but it also has to look good and be comfortable, many of the ones I have had in the past have worked admirably as protection but were just too stiff for comfort. The Neet Traditional is possibly the softest bracer on the market, indeed this was the quality that first attracted me to it, and upon lacing it up for the first time I could tell this was the bracer for me.

The lacing is an elastic cord which has stood up very well to the constant lashing and unlashing whilst putting on and taking off. The arm guard uses metal hooks around which to wind the cord as you can see from the pictures one of these has come out, as I said it is quite a few years old and has seen plenty of action. There are two things that always frustrate me about this bracer the first is that you have to fanny about with the last bit of the cord to get it to either tuck in somewhere or tie it to another part of the cord, but you must do it in such a way that it wont' come loose on it's own but will come loose when you want to get it off. The second thing is that over more than a bare arm you have to keep an eye on it as it can if left entirely unsupervised twist around so that the little hooks could catch on the bow string were you to have a dodgy release. It wasn't with this bracer but in the past I had a Longbow string cut through in that manner.

Other than that it is the most comfortable bracer to wear and it does protect when I have managed to slap my arm. The £/$ rate has recently seen the price of this rise as it is from the States, but it's still amongst the cheapest leather bracers around.


Features & Design

It's leather , it has hooks and a nice cord, thick enough to stop the hurting and thin enough to be comfotable.


Would have got at least 4 but even I can ignore the fact that the hook is missing, I don't expect that it should last forever but being an American made product you sort of do !!

Value for Money

A great price even with the exchange rate issues - would have got another half but for the hook


A very good bracer, despite the miissing hook I will not be buying another.

Essential Details

Price : £16

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