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Reviewed by Steve
Jan 16, 2019
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An arrow is an awkward thing to transport, they are fragile enough that it doesn't take much to either break them or squish up the fletches, there can be only one answer, a hard case of some sort.

There are many on the market and this one is one of the larger types, the material itself is hard and robust, strong enough to be slung in the back of a carpenter mates car - right alongside all his tools, no worries, once inside this case arrows are safe as houses.

Inside there are foam bars with slits to hold arrows, you can get a single line of 9 in each side, for such a large case 18 arrows isn't much, however there is enough room to get a double layer on each side if you top and tail them making sure to offset the top one from the bottom one, in this way you can happily have 36 arrows in one case - that's enough for the toughest of shoots even on a terrible day.

The clips which hold it shut are secure one small niggle, the foam can come loose from the case and despite trying several different tapes and glues it always seems to work it's way loose over time. Not a real issue as you just stick it down again.

It's flat so storage is no problem I have several of these and this is how my arrows get transported.

These cases are also used as recurve cases with the addition of a cut out foam layer so in theory you could have your bow and 18 arrows in one compact case.



Features & Design

Solid plastic, good clasps and strips of foam to hold arrows


I have never had an arrow broken or squished whilst inside this case.

Value for Money

Excellent value, should last for ever.


A case that does it's job, at this price it doesn't have to look good too.

Essential Details

Price : £24


Negrini Hard Plastic Case


Negrini Hard Plastic Case


Negrini Hard Plastic Case



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