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Reviewed by Steve
Jan 16, 2019
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At a recent field shoot our group came back to the tea hut to find a bow with a broken limb, it transpired that the bow had been trodden on whilst it's owner was retrieving his arrows from the 3D. Unfortunate, but probably less uncommon than you might imagine. I know that whilst I am shooting and then go forward to score I generally prop my bow against a tree, on occasion it will get hooked on a branch and sometimes even laid on the floor. Most archers I shoot with do exactly the same.

The whole issue of "what to do with your bow in the woods" situation is pretty unsatisfactory and I am sure that quite often bows are stepped on by accident, the result won't always be a broken limb, but a twist, even a slight one, can render a bow unshootable or at the very least throw it out of balance or tune.

Target shooters generally use a bow stand, perhaps even the one reviewed here, most field archers don't. This little stand is called universal not just because it will hold almost any bow but because it can be used by almost any archer shooting any style or type of archery be it target, field, roving, stump or even at the marks. The secret is in its small, lightweight and compact nature.

Sherwood Bowstand

The stand is only as tall as it needs to be to keep your bow off the ground, this means it can be taken from target to target with little or no effort. Three stabilising legs ensure it remains upright, target shooters would probably use it this way, however over rough terrain 3 short legs may not be man enough for the job so there is an option to use the cleverly concealed spike in it's base. Stick it in the ground and once again the bow is safely held. In addition to keeping your bow off the ground and keeping it clean, it is also easier to see where your bow is and therefore it is less likely to be stepped on by another archer.

It is light and small enough to clip to your belt, the spike is quick and easy enough to use so that you actually don't mind picking it up and actually using it, unclip it from your belt, stick it straight in the ground and place your bow on it - no hassle what so ever.

Sherwood bowstand



Features & Design

For a target shooter a bow stand is essential and seeing as you will be in one place it makes a lot of sense to use one. A field shooter will find this more than useful as it is small and light enough so that you really don't mind the minimum effort required to take it with you from peg to peg.


It does exactly what is required with no fuss.

Value for Money

£23 vrs the possibility of your bow being stomped on or the nocks being dug into the earth or it slipping off the tree you precariously balanced it against... it's nor difficult to see the value !


Probably 90% of 3D archers in the UK at least don't use a stand, if you don't you will know all of the problems associated with not having somewhere to put your bow whilst retrieving arrows or scoring, it may in the past have been that a bowstand is perceived as a "target" shooters accessory - this little bowstand changes all that, it's small, lightweight and easy to carry - it has always struck me as odd that folks spend a lot of money on a bow, have a fit if someone looks at it wrong or touches it and then throw it against a tree or on the floor when they go to get their arrows - I have to hold my hand up here and say I am one of those archers, in future I will be using a stand...

Essential Details

Price : £23

Small but perfectly formed

Sherwood bowstand

The smooth plastic holder will not scratch bows with a fine wood finish.

Sherwood bowstand

3 sturdy legs are held in place by a screw in nut, which also holds the spike.

Sherwood bowstand

When not in use the legs fold away.

Sherwood bowstand

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