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Reviewed by Andy
Jan 17, 2019
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Choosing whether to use a tab or a glove is very personal, initially I went for a glove for practical reasons, I could just leave it on between shots and it seems to stay out of the way when I didn't need it. I was also shooting heavy poundage bows at the time and the thicker fingers on a glove gave extra protection that I didn't find with a tab. However after about 3 years with a glove I eventually switched to a tab, initially to over come a release problem but longer term because I felt I got more feed back from the string and I could tell if I was touching the arrow. My shooting improved considerably using a tab and I'm now so used to it shooting with a glove seems a little alien.

One of the things I like about a tab is I get more feeling, and that's where this gloves comes in to the frame. The striker shooting gloves uses much thinner leather on the fingers than most of the other three finger gloves I have used in the past. This has two advantages, the better feel as all ready mentioned but it also allows you to use the glove without that breaking in period you get with thicker leather. One thing you should avoid when purchasing a glove is to get one that's too big, if anything get one thats either exactly right or a little tight as the leather will give once you start wearing it. 

This one comes with the adjustable wrist strap and elastic to pull the finger holes back for a nice snug fit, and it is snug because the thinner leather makes for a nicer feel on the fingers. While not a budget glove it's not luxurious either, but it is well stitched and I haven't had any problems with the stitching coming undone as I have on other similar style gloves.

The other advantage is that as the leather is thin using my anchor feels comfortable, where on other gloves it feels like your trying to stick a sausage in to the corner of your mouth. I originally purchased this glove as a back up but when I have had call to use a glove, generally when I'm shooting my 53# Black Widow, this has become the glove of choice. 


Features & Design

A good functional glove, not cheaply made.


Personally I like the thinner leather which you only tend to find on the more expensive gloves.

Value for Money

Not expensive so offers god value. I would expect it would need to be replaced sooner rather than later however.


A good all round option for those looking for a cheaper, thinner glove.

Essential Details

Price : £15

Striker Glove

Striker Glove Top View

Pretty standard from the top

Striker Glove Finger View

Much thinner leather on the bottom

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