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Reviewed by Steve
Jan 16, 2019
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Probably the cheapest solution to arrow transport, at least if you buy on price it would seem that this is the case. That is how I ended up with more than 10 of these things.

They are at least half the price of the next most expensive case so you think "I only want to carry arrows and I will still have some dollars left for a beer after the shoot".

Lets start with the good points, usually under a tenner, tube is solid and telescopes so you can carry arrows of any length, it has a handy strap which will fit over your shoulder which makes carrying it easy, I have seen folk using these as a quiver when it's wet. No doubt it will keep them dry.

The trouble with them is that even with just a couple of arrows in them you run the risk of squashing fletches should the tube not remain upright, and that with just a few in it, if you attempt to fill it with more than say 6 feather fletched arrows then your feathers will be ruffled. At a push you can cram 6 upside down and six the right way up, that's a dozen. Had you spent say another £15 quid you could have carried 3 dozen, so in fact the unit cost per arrow for carriage is actually less offering better value than the tube.

The tube is round, where do you put it when you are not using it ? if you have several of these they don't stack, when loading it with arrows you have to take care, on more than one occassion I have dropped an arrow in to see it de-fletch itself as it goes in.

No I am sorry, I just don't like them - I liked them even less when a couple of years ago Aldi brought them in and sold them in their shops as document cases FOR £2 !!!

For £2 I could have liked them but I had already bought enough to know I would never use them.



Features & Design

The tube itself is solid, the straps are good and attach well, the telescope action is positive and locks.


Does it peform ?, well it can carry some arrows, not enough and not well enough to trust it with my best ones, but in a pinch it works

Value for Money

It's cheap, but value? a case is better


They must sell a lot because I see them everywhere, the only reason I can see is that folks (like me) were thinking cheap......... and there is nowt as tight as an archer...

Essential Details

Price : £10

Telescopic Arrow Tube

Tough enough for the job.

Telescopic Arrow Tube

But tough too on your arrows.


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