Thunderhorn Boa 2pc Bow Quiver

Reviewed by Steve
Jan 16, 2019
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The Thunderhorn "Boa" is a very versatile bow mounted quiver, just as advertised. It comes as two pieces, the ingenious design will allow it to fit pretty much any bow be it Longbow or Recurve. It is made from soft rubber so will not damage the finish. The quality is excellent and it can carry 6 arrows, the gripper section is adjustable and the angle can be changed to accommodate any bow.

The method employed to attach to the bow is an open ended gripper and a strap which fits around the limb and using a popper is belted back to itself. This is a very secure method and is the best slip on/strap on bow quiver I have used.

A nice touch is that because the quiver attaches from the side instead of sliding down a limb it can be attached whilst the bow is strung and whilst the arrows are in it, similarly it can come off without all the palaver of unstringing the bow and removing the arrows.

It is available as a solid colour leather hood or as the one shown here with a contrasting insert, there is even a snakeskin insert if you wanted one. Beautifully crafted and unlike most slide on bow quivers very easy to position. Although no fan of bow quivers I loved this "Boa" (constrictor- geddit ?) and will be using it on my 2pc Longbow.


Thunderhorn Bow Quiver


Features & Design

Excellent attachment system, very secure and looks good too, adjustment right where you need it.


Did all that was asked of it, can hold 6 arrows too.

Value for Money

Excellent value, a quality product that is well designed and priced right.


Loved it, Not a fan or bow quivers but this one has changed my mind.

Essential Details

Price : $78

Thunderhorn Bow Quiver

Excellent attachment system.

Thunderhorn Bow Quiver

Soft rubber strap will not damage the finish on your bow

Thunderhorn Bow Quiver

Grippers will take 6 arrows.

Thunderhorn Bow Quiver

This one will stay on my Adcock 2pc.


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