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Jan 18, 2019
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Bent arrows or bent shafts are the bane of an archers life, when I am making arrows I first straighten the shaft, you may find that some of the arrow shafts you buy are straight but there will always be some that are not, at the worst end of the scale you can find that all of them are slightly kinked, this can be a result of having bee stored or shipped badly.

It isn't the end of the world though, most archers are familiar with how to hand straighten an arrow but the number that can do it properly is less than the number who think they can. I have watched as archers snap arrows trying to straighten them. There are many methods to straighten a shaft and this little tool is one of the simplest.

I have to admit to being somewhat sceptical about a block of steel with a groove in it. The Shaft Tamer will work on all sizes of shaft.

The method is simple, it uses compression to straighten the shaft, because it is grooved you get a nice even pressure around the shaft.

It's just a case of sighting down the shaft finding the high spot and lay the shaft on a flat surface - I have a large sheet of thick glass for this purpose, with the high spot uppermost gently rub the shaft with the Shaft Tamer. You won't need as much force as you think and it is best to start light and work up if you have to - incredibly it works !

I did have reservations that it might in some way alter the spine of an arrow but any testing I have done has not revealed this to be the case.

Use it on raw shafts although I have used it on finished shafts that have become bent through my neglect, be careful though as too much pressure on a finished shaft will crack or mar the finish.

In actual fact you could use any metal object to compress the shaft, a screwdriver or what ever you have with a flat surface but I like the feel and shape of the Shaft Tamer and the groove is what it is all about.



Features & Design

Pleasing shape with a groove, pretty functional


Yes it works, use a light touch and you will get results

Value for Money

Hmmm... the trouble is it will always feel like you paid $40 for a lump of metal


I actually enjoy hand straightening but this tool does work and is a nice addition to the fletchers armoury

Essential Details

Price : $40

Shaft Tamer

Nothing miraculous here, it's all simple science.

Shaft Tamer

Simple and functional design

Shaft Tamer

Rub along the high spot of the kink.

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