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I guess we all enjoy making arrows and the whole process of crafting something which will ultimately be an intrinsic part of the whole "shooting a bow" process - Carefully we take our time and do the best job we can - and then we reach for the taper tool to fashion the nock and point end. This is where total frustration can set in, if either of the tapers are off, especially the nock then the arrow has no chance of going exactly where you want it. I have noticed over the years that not all taper tools are created equally and not all shafts are the exact diameter they would have us believe. I have also had enough arrows ruined by nasty taper jobs, to the point that I abandoned tapered points wherever I could.

It seems I wasn't the only frustrated archer who is fed up with dodgy taper tools which leave you with a wonky point or off-centre nock. Once again the Arrow fix folk have seen an issue and created a cure.

To be totally fair regarding taper points I have to say that when I do use them I tend to use the Arrow Fix tool to make the taper, as we have found and raved about in previous reviews this little tool is a masterpiece of engineering. The only draw back for me is that I make a lot of arrows and it isn't uncommon for me to have a batch of perhaps 15 dozen arrows to taper in one session. Invariably I end up with blisters despite wearing a glove - not to mention an aching wrist ( leave it !!).

I myself have tried several ways of sticking a taper tool in a drill and attempting to do it that way. The trouble is that it has to be mounted perfectly central or it creates as many issues as it solves. Tight tolerances are something Helmut at Arrow Fix deals with on a daily basis and upon receiving the tool I got straight to work in the knowledge that this tool would be bang on the money.

It's very simple to use, so intuitive that you will understand how to use it in seconds. I call it one tool but in fact it is 2, one for point tapers and one for the nock, just choose the collar size for your shaft, change it if required. Lock it in a drill and start tapering. Job done in a fraction of a second. The tool is stainless steel so you won't get nasty black marks down the shaft like you do with aluminium tools if the shaft is very tight in the opening.

There is a nice touch too with the adjustable end stop located on the point taper tool - I mentioned that not all shafts are the same size, indeed not all points are the same depth, this little adjustment screw allows you to get the fit and finish just perfect for your brand of point or shaft.

This morning up at the workshop I was repairing some arrows for a friend, it was pretty chilly and the woodburner had not yet started to kick out any serious heat. Whilst swapping the collars from 11/32" to 5/16" I found I was having an issue getting the smaller collar to go in the socket... as I fussed my friend said " Ha ha German engineering !" - "it's your body heat, hold both parts in your hand for a second" . I did as instructed and hey presto... it fitted, now that is what I call serious engineering.

Once again Arrow Fix get a huge thumbs up from Archers Review, this has been a bugbear of mine for almost 2 decades.... I don't know how many folk out there are struggling with inefficient taper tools but this one ticks all the boxes - the tool is so robust it will no doubt last a lifetime so the nominal investment will be repaid over your archery career. Now when I have many dozens of shafts to prepare it is a positive pleasure to watch those smooth wafers of wood come zipping off the shaft



Features & Design

Designed for just one purpose.... a perfect taper.



Value for Money

Buy quality .... buy once. This tool will last a lifetime, if you decide to save a few quid on a cheap taper tool you will be shooting squiffy arrows or buying again within short time.


When it comes to arrows I demand nothing less than perfection.... at last a taper tool that will deliver a finish that even I can't complain about.... buy one... it's brilliant !!

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