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Reviewed by Steve
Jan 18, 2019
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There are many different ways to obtain the point and nock taper, the fact that there are so many options on the market suggests that no one has yet "cracked it".

Here is another budget offering, most folks will have a bench grinder or sander in the workshop or shed, if not very cheap ones can be purchased on-line.

This little guide block has the grooves already in it, if you own a sander or grinder this could be something which would work for you. It has two grooves one for the point at 5° and one for the nock at 11°. Offer the block up to the disc, I made up a little jig for this purpose, although this is made from laminated hardwood and should last "forever" be warned - don't butt it right up to the sander as it will grind away your block, just get it as close as you can and you should end up with a good taper. You can use all and any shaft sizes.

As with all the grinding/sanding methods it takes time to set it up, it leaves a taper which may or may not be OK and sometimes needs a little touch up to get it just right - however it does work and is infinitely better than a nasty plastic pencil sharpener.

The good thing is that it works equally well on a sander or grinder.



Features & Design

A block of laminated hardwood with grooves, it's the sort of thing your grandad would have made, simple but effective


So straight forward you could nock one up yourself in 10 minutes - it works

Value for Money

£12 for a bit of wood - if you do buy one don't let your grandad see it he will go mad.... "HOW MUCH?"


Unless I was doing 100's I would use a Metal Taper tool, in fact when I am doing 100's I use a woodchuck. Don't get me wrong, it does work but there are better methods of tapering.

Essential Details

Price : £12

Arrow Taper Guide Block

The angle grooves are already in it, all you need is a sander or grinder.

Arrow Taper Guide Block

Use a jig to keep it in place and let the tapering begin.

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