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Jan 18, 2019
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Here is a good looking fletcher, made from steel, although it doesn't have the weighty feel of a Bitzenburger it does have some mounting screws in the base which allow it to be mounted to a solid surface or board - it would be no problem to mount a dozen of these on a rack - I say that because it would be entirely within the means of an archer to purchase a dozen of these jigs - at just a tad over £17 these look like a real bargain.

It has the standard nock receiver adjuster which will enable both 3 and 4 fletching, The one nearest the nock slot is for 3 fletch fletching, just screw it down flush and raise the other one to halfway.

For four fletches just screw down the one at the further end and unscrew halfway the near one - it sounds complicated but it's simple in essence. The jig also has an adjuster on the clamp which allows some adjustment in the tension or gripping power of the clamp itself, not sure that this is necessary, I have never missed this adjustment on other clamps and doubt it would be used once set, but it's there for those who want it.

One of the really great features of the clamp is the graduated scale very clearly stamped along the side - it won't wear off or become unstuck, it is permanent and very obvious.

The magnet operates positively and the jig is easy to use, there is a certain amount of adjustment for offset but no helical option, which is a real shame as that would put this jig right up where it belongs, at the top of your fletching jig short list. If you don't use helical then this jig will be an obvious choice.

It seems a common complaint is the lack of instructions provided, however the use of a fletching jig is quite intuitive once you have played with it for 10 minutes.


Features & Design

All the adjustments required of a jig but in solid steel. The clamp is clearly marked and even has an adjuster of its' own.


Simple to use with no problems

Value for Money

£ for £ Supreme value.


A great solid product made with decent materials, if they would just produce a helical clamp then the Cartel jig would have the fletching game sewn up.

Essential Details

Price : £17.50

Cartel Jig

Simple and steel.

Cartel Jig

One of the best designed clamps available.

Cartel Jig

Standard receiver adjustments.

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