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Some folk think that the latest Carbon or Ally arrows are expensive.. if like me you shoot wooden arrows then you will know that a top set of woodies can work out to be more expensive than Carbon Express, Gold tips or Beman classics. They may last you months or if you are really good even longer but there comes the day when it just isn’t happening and not only are you losing them but they are breaking, sometimes in style but sometimes it’s just the points, which is probably the most common way an arrow gets broken. I know some folk who make their arrows intentionally long so they can re-fit a point, it means that they end up with odd length arrows and arrows which were never right from the start.

I like my arrows to be bang on, the correct spine at the correct length and at the correct weight, this means that once they have had the tips broken they are useless, by the time a set of a dozen is down to the final 4 you don’t want to use them as you haven’t enough to ensure you can get around a shoot with out changing to a new set.

I also run an events company and we use woodies because I can ensure that all the arrows match the bows we supply, and in any case I like wood in preference to Heavy Fiberglass arrows that most companies use.

Anyway, if you shoot wood here is the greatest archery tool you will ever own, it’s a footing Jig.

The principle is so simple, it’s a tube which takes your wood shaft, there are 3 sizes 11/32 5/16 & 23/64 – the tool is cut at an angle and this allows you to shave it down to a point, now you take either a piece of hardwood or another plain shaft and put that through the Jig, it cuts it at the same angle, put the two pieces together and they make the perfect scarf joint.

I have found that using a small block plane and working with the grain standing vertically in layers I get a beautiful straight cut, smooth and ready to glue ( see pic 3 on the left).
I use Titebond 3 which is a waterproof wood glue which makes a bond you will not break, better than cascamite, it dries in 24 hours and you are ready to refinish the arrow.

What I do is save up all the broken ones in a set, then cut them all the same length and foot them, sometimes I use a hardwood sometimes just a new pine or POC shaft, either way the result is beautiful if using hardwood and almost undetectable if using more of the original wood

Now think of all the arrows you have thrown away that could have been brought back to life. If you do this properly you will still have a matched set of arrows which shoot as good as new – if you don’t make such a great job then you still have a superb set of stump shooters.
This little tool will probably pay you back the next time you go shooting, you would have to be crazy not to own one of these


Features & Design

It's so simple you will wish you had thought of it yourself


It foots arrows

Value for Money

£16.- !!!! so cheap you will buy one in each size just in case..


Shame I can't give it 6, it's the best archery tool I own !!

Essential Details

Price : £16

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