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I've said it before and I'll say it again, of all the different styles disciplines and formats that archery may take, my favourite days are the ones spent with a few friends just shooting at random targets. Despite my love for all manner of recurves, flatbows and modern hybrid longbows the bow that suits this style of "roving" is the traditional English Longbow... this is the bow I want in my hand as, with several other archers I tramp across fields shooting at distant marks which one or other may call. The way we do it is that the nearest to the mark will call the next shot. The mark can be anything from an odd coloured clump of grass a branch on the ground or a fence post. This style of shooting means you are often shooting at several hundred yards. A well made 50# bow is quite happy to shoot an arrow 200 yards but for me a day like this requires a minimum of 80#, drawing a heavy bow is a quite unique archery experience, it will require a heavier arrow, nocking a heavy arrow to a heavy bow takes you back to the 15th century and makes you feel.... manly.... couple that with the company of a few friends, the beautiful English countryside and a bright crisp October morning and I am in archery heaven !!

There can of course be several drawbacks to a day spent sending big 3/8" arrows skyward... the chief amongst them is that you can't tell what the arrow will hit when it returns to earth. Broken tips are something of a given if you are going to play this game. A 3/8" shaft can be quite robust but even they will suffer when hitting a solid object after returning from orbit.

Arrows, as every archer will tell you must not only shoot well but should look good too, this is probably of less importance to a 3D or target shooter as their goal is to score points, however for the roving archer it's all about the archery, it's about the feel of the bow, the sensation of the draw and release and ultimately about that beautiful arc of the arrow. A part of that enjoyment will be the actual look of the arrow, the shape of the fletchings and for me the gentle taper from 3/8" to 5/16" not forgetting the look of the business end... the point.

There are many styles of point available for many different kinds of shafts, much depends on the type of archery you do and the purpose of the arrow. It seems to me that there are fewer options when looking at a 3/8" shaft point, that may be because fewer archers tend to use them. This particular point offers several nice features.....

 The first is that these are parallel fit, for an arrow that will undoubtedly suffer trauma a parallel fit point means you won't have taken away any of the strength of the shaft by tapering for the point - we will come back to this in a moment.

Another advantage is that the actual point itself is 50mm long, this means the portion of the shaft inside the sleeve is long too, again adding strength where you need it. At 166 grains it's a proper weight for an arrow designed for a heavy bow. They are steel too so you shouldn't find them being chewed up, although few materials are immune if you happen to hit a rock. To my eye they look terrific, a nice chunky looking point that looks like it means business and a nod to it's medieval heritage with a bodkin like appearance. Half a dozen arrows like these in your hand you feel ready for the mounted knights..

 Probably the best bit about these points is the fact that they are not ordinary parallel fit, they are in fact compression parallel fit. To use these points properly you need the little tool that is used to compress the portion of the shaft that will be inside the point, again several advantages of this will be that the shaft is strengthened by being compressed, the weight is still at the front rather than being removed and the finish will be neat and seamless - I am sure, like me you have had arrows where the tapered part sticks out from under the point and looks plain ugly.. that won't happen here as the tool compresses the exact length you need.

 The tool itself is a simple socket designed to take a 3/8" shaft. Inside it has a small lip and the socket reduces in size. The friction of the socket against the shaft will compress the shaft. The tool is placed into a drill, I used a corded drill although I dare say you could use a cordless but I find the corded ones better for this type of task. Just spin it up and insert the shaft gently, within a few seconds the shaft is compressed to exactly the right size... be warned... this method generates a lot of heat and both the tool and the shaft will be very hot.

 It's that quick and that simple, after they have been prepared I used araldite to fix them o. for those who need to know, I can tell you that the outside diameter is Max:7/16".. the price is on offer right now at £6.45 per dozen. You will need the tool and this is £9.75

The points are exclusive to Nidderdale archery. Richard is an engineer and actually produces a range of points for sizes of shaft from 1/4" up to these 3/8" shafts with tools to match, if you are looking for something a little bit special and a little bit different then these are both.


Features & Design

Very nice design from a purely aesthetic viewpoint, however, this belies the work that has gone in to producing a carefully balanced and extremely neat product which is a cut above just simply tapering the arrow to fit a point


Smash 'em, bash 'em, shoot 'em through sheets of ply and into the roughest of ground.... they won't care !

Value for Money

Happily for archers Richard seems to have his eye on quality, design and function, in fact I don't know how he produces them at this price, competitive with anything on the market and cheaper than some inferior products, grab some before he realises he is probably losing money on them !!


A fabulous heavy duty point that enhances the strength of the shaft, is made from quality materials and looks great... you would be mad not to be using these on your big shafts... in fact I have ordered another bunch whilst they are such crazy value !!

Essential Details

Price : £6.45

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