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Reviewed by Steve
Jan 18, 2019
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I very rarely buy ready made arrows as I make my own, in fact I make custom arrows and jolly good they are too, being a little nerdy when it comes to archery I like mine very closly matched in both spine and weight, in short I am hard to please.

To be perfectly honest I wasn't expecting much from an arrow that costs under $90 for a dozen, even though they were from a well respected custom arrow maker.

I can tell you was surprised  as soon as I saw them, they have a nice walnut stain and dipped with 6 coats of clear lacquer, there is a small crest, which although simple you might love or hate - I could have done without it, as standard these Port Orford Cedar arrows are offered with three 5" left wing shield cut feathers mounted with a helical twist. These ones have an Orange cock and two White hens.

The nocks are Bohnings classics. The Arrows are available in 11/32 for parallel shafts but also in 23/64 tapered shafts - the ones here are parallel.

They offer several additional options from installing the broadheads or field points, cap dipping and even waterproofing the fletches, there is also the option of 4 fletch, in short I guess these folks will do whatever you ask - there is of course a charge for each of these things.

These are 11/32 in 55-60#, they are cut to 29.5" and with a 125grn point weigh in at around 470grn, I was pleasantly surprised that there was just a +/-13grn between the set  - I had not expected them to be so close for the price, they were all within the stated spine range too, however the biggest surprise was the fact they were all straight !!, I mean really straight...  - I didn't get these direct so can not say if they were ordered with the request that they be hand straightened or if they just come that way, on the website there is no mention of additional charges for hand straightening in fact no mention of straightening at all - as a custom arrow maker I think that is a given.

These are very good arrows indeed, despite not being my exact length when I put them through bows for which they were spined right they shot perfectly well.

A someone who makes custom arrows I know a good arrow when I see/shoot one and I was impressed. Certainly if you want tighter spine and weight then you would be looking at a lot of someone's time and you should expect to pay considerably more. The tolerances on this set were perfectly acceptable and a lot better than the price might suggest - somewhere someone has taken a lot of time and effort with these. I should also add that these arrows have been used and came to me with a bow that was bought second hand, the fact that they are not brand new and have clearly been shot just underlines how good they are.


Old South Custom Arrows




Features & Design

A simply crested and stained arrow well within the tolerances required of a budget conscious archer


No complaints from a very fussy archer.

Value for Money

Exceptional value.


At the price these are great arrows.

Essential Details

Price : $90/dz

Old South Custom Arrows

A simple arrow well made.

Old South Custom Arrows

Straight as an arrow.

Old South Custom Arrows

A crest that I could live without.

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