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Reviewed by Steve
Jan 18, 2019
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It seems archers have endless discussions regarding points and taper tools, I know this to be true as I myself am often found muttering about shaft sizes in regard to taper tools and in fact taper tools themselves, in the pursuit of the perfect taper I have spent small fortunes - not quite true but the amount runs at least into the tens of pounds if not hundreds.


There are few things more frustrating than to find your points going on crooked or the taper slightly off when preparing the shaft, and then there is the whole issue of points coming off regardless of them being Brass or Steel.

I have rarely used parallel points and know very few (if any) archers that do, the problem being how do you prepared the shaft and get the blighters on.

Bearpaw-CompressorIt may well be time to look again at parallel points once you discover this brilliant little tool which will compress the exact portion of the shaft that will fit inside a parallel point. What you end up with is a point which sits flush with the original diameter of the shaft, nothing to catch or jam inside a target making it less likely to be pulled off when extracting the shaft, it also looks great too - I hate that little bit of taper that you sometimes find just in front of the point when it hasn't quite fitted snug in to a tapered point - this will eliminate that ugliness.

Another bonus is that whilst glueing will keep the points on, the wood will also be trying to expand back to it's original diameter thus forming an even tighter seal.

For the really nerdy archer you will also get a few extra grains up front because you haven't had to shave any wood off and the tighter flush fit makes the shaft just that little bit more aerodynamic.... even I agree that is not the reason to use these, the real reason is it's just so much easier than tapering the end of the arrow and trying to stuff it in to a point which it may or may not want to go in to.

This tool will work with all parallel points and there are several types - at first glance the tool itself and some of the points may look a little more expensive, but consider this - you would have to buy a taper tool anyway and a good one will set you back the same amount, there are cheap parallel point and some more expensive ones - some of the expensive ones are excellent and will never come off, unlike tapered ones which may, so in the long run this solution may actually work out as a more cost effective point solution....... check out the reviews on some of the different parallel points that will work with this tool.


In operation the tool is simple, although the first time I used it I was a little baffled asBearpaw-Compressor there were no instructions - however closer inspection reveals a twist grip dial to choose the diameter of shaft you need to compress, there are 3 choices 23/64", 11/32" and 5/16", just twist the dial until the little slot mark lines up in the window with the desired diameter. screw in one of the collars supplied, again there are the 3 main sizes.

You will notice a bar sticking out from the rear, this is to allow you to place the tool in a drill, then with the drill spinning the tool gently feed in the end of the shaft, it only takes second and your shaft will be compressed by the bearing inside the tool and leave you with a shaft with the end compressed to exactly the right diameter and exactly along the length that will fit inside the parallel point.

I had at my disposal shafts of several diameter and from several sources, shafts from 2 of the sources were all slightly larger than the collar and I had to sand them down just a tad - this is not a criticism of the tool at all but it has always infuriated me that some shafts will come just a mite too big - using a conventional taper tool this can cause issues when trying to get the taper just right to fit the point - there can also be cosmetic issues - with this tool if you find you have shafts from a manufacturer whos shafts are a tiny bit large then just use the next collar up.



Features & Design

Very well thought out and well designed tool - of course being German you would expect it to be functional and it is.


No problems at all, it does exactly what it sets out to do - compresses the shaft to the correct specification to accept parallel points.

Value for Money

The tool itself is comparable in price to a quality "sharpener" style taper tool.


As a life long tapered point user this tool has opened up the possibility of using parallel points, something I have not really considered because of the difficulty of getting them on. There are a variety of points on the market now which should in theory offer a more secure system for keeping points on arrows - this is a problem which has plagued me not only on a personal level as an archer but someone who makes and uses several thousand traditional style arrows as part of my business - if the points solution works as well as this tool then I am a convert and will definitely be using them. Check out the point reviews for parallel points.

Essential Details

Price : £30


Starting with the raw shaft.........


insert in to tool........ and insert slowly.....


Seconds later.............


The shaft is compressed and ready to be pointed.


Flush fit with a Bearpaw point.

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