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Reviewed by Andy
Jan 18, 2019
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While in this country made up arrows come with points already installed, when you get them from the US they generally come un pointed. This is because people tend to point half with field points and the other half with broad heads for hunting. As I buy a lot off arrows from the US I need to taper the point end and add my own points. In the past I have used the cheaper pencil sharpener type tools, which to be honest do a great job, and I have also used the type that fit on to the end of a drill, but the best I have found is the Tru-Center taper tool. 

The great thing about this tool is that it is a one tool fits all affair. The tool itself is 4" long, with blades at both ends, one for tapering the point end and the other shorter blade for the nock end. However where it gets a bit different is that then ends of the tool are interchangeable, so the tool will fit 5/16", 11/32" and 23/64" as standard simply by removing the shaft guide and replacing with the appropriate diameter one. The blades are also fully replaceable and adjustable, simply loosen the screw and move the blade around until it gets to the right angle. 

It performs really well, in particular for 23/64 shafts which I have a real problem finding parts for in the UK. The tool is really well made which you would expect from something made in the US and works really well, I taper a lot of arrows and this deals with them like a hot knife through butter. It's also pretty cheap too as it's only $29 which when you consider that it fits 3 types of shaft the equivalent pencil sharpener type will cost as much to do the same job. In fact it gets better than that as you can buy replacement blades, which to my knowledge you can't with the sharpener type. But there is more there is even a 1/4" diameter shaft guide available for $3.50 so for just a shade over $30 you can have all the fittings you will ever need. 


Features & Design

Totally functional, the way you can convert it for any size shaft is fantastic, and it is solid as a rock.


Does a brilliant job, the micro adjustment on the blade means if it's not working right it's because you have set it up correctly

Value for Money

Excellent value at less than the price of the equivalent sharpener types you would need to do the same job.


As good as you can get without getting in to the power tool style taper tools. Well worth the money

Essential Details

Price : £29.95


Tur Center Taper Tool

The different size ends mean the tool can be used on a variety of shaft sizes.

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