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Reviewed by Steve
Jan 15, 2019
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Many of the bows I have had came to me as second hand or nearly new, I don't buy bows unless they are in spanking condition but a brand new custom, just for me with my name on it bow, is a rarity.

Having used the Flipper Stick by Herb Meland I really wanted a new one, the flipper stick was heavier than it needed to be as there are no Elk to hunt in Kent. I decided to go for a riser with 2 sets of limbs, sort of hedge my bets a little so that even when I was an old codger I would have a bow to shoot, I chose the first set at  64" being 47#@27",my draw is a tad over at 27 1/4 "so I would be drawing about 47-48#, a nice weight. The second set would be 64" and weigh in at 42#@27" a light weight bow for some serious field shooting, holding such a light weight would give me ultimate control (well you know what I mean).

When buying a new bow you go all silly about woods and colours, I have bought expensive bows before and not given a thought to the wood - it's Cocobolo ? - fine, stick it in the case let's go !

However a brand new bow is something of an event, so you pore over bow lengths and wood choices, in the event I decided on grey actionwood with clear glass, the wood is almost incidental really as it's the glass that is doing all the work anyway, I also asked for a red pinstripe to run through the bigger set of limbs - sexy !! A black handle to finish with a red/black flemish twist string.

It always seems an age when awaiting the arrival of a new bow but in time it was ready and arrived.

Sleek and understated, just as I wanted, the design of a Pronghorn is typically American Longbow, a low wrist longbow grip and smooth lines of a trapezoid limb cross section tapering to the nocks with the merest hint of reflex/deflex when strung.

Herb makes each of his bows with his very own hand. In the hand it feels very nicely balanced, the Longbow grip requires a low wrist position and the power starts to come early and builds smoothly to full draw.

I tend to like my arrows heavier rather than lighter and fletched in 5" or 5 1/2" with a helical twist, sometimes I shoot 4 fletch arrows and 20" of fletch can slow an arrow down.

The pronghorn is not short of speed and is right up there is most of the high performance hybrid R/D Longbows, not as fast as say an ACS or Black Swan or even perhaps a Black Widow but there is plenty enough power.

The bow is centre cut so is less tolerant of spine than all the past centre bows. I like shooting this bow, I like to cant a bow and this bow likes to be canted. I shot both sets of limbs but the small ones never really get shot so that's $350 I didn't need to spend.

As with any bow it's in the shooting where you can love or hate a bow and the Pronghorn is a joy to shoot, it isn't the fastest, it isn't entirely shock free (I am used to shooting bows with "no shock" but the little from this Pronghorn isn't anything to write home about), it's more of a noise in the hand, but it is a great bow to shoot. Not temperamental in the least and quite forgiving.

The most impressive feature of this bow though is the price, I paid $650 and another $350 for the extra limbs, but I notice that Herb must have reduced his price as you can now buy a 3PC for $625 and a 1PC for $600 - that's mad money - recently the $ was over 2 to 1 and that made these just £300 as it stands at today's rate you pay £400, still an incredible budget price for what is a true quality custom bow. To top it all Herb is a "Top Johnny Geyser" (... and that is a good thing !!) throughout all the endless mails questioning him regarding lengths and woods he seemed almost as excited about my bow as I did.

If you like Longbows and are looking for a quality bow then you have found it. Pronghorns can be found second hand and offer incredible value, the price will mean it will be worth your while to buy it and try it.

There will be more photos to follow for this bow  and some chrono figures so check back soon.....


Pronghorn 47%23%4027


Features & Design

Longbow styling with mild R/D trapped limbs, there is no mistaking the sleek lines of a Pronghorn


Pound for pound the Pronghorn is no slouch and shoots hard with almost no shock or noise.

Value for Money

Superb, at half the price of other top quality bows it's hard not to see the value


The combination of custom quality, performance and stunning price means the Pronghorn should be on the short list for your next Longbow

Essential Details

Price : $625

Pronghorn 47%23%4027

When unstrung you can see the mild reflex/deflex

Pronghorn 47%23%4027

Simple clean lines and a beautiful finish

Pronghorn 47%23%4027

Pronghorn 47%23%4027

Black Widow Prototype

Shown here with the Black Widow Prototype, a little unkind perhaps given the voluptuous curves of the Widow, however even in this company the Pronghorn retains it's dignity.

Black Widow Prototype

Close up shows the Longbow grip.

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