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Reviewed by Andy
Feb 22, 2016
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If you take an interest in American bows and the traditional hunting scene, as I do you may find the name Anneewakee familiar, you may find the name Kanati even more so as Anneewakee are the company behind the Kanati bow quiver. John Dill set up Anneewakee in 2005 to produce a line of bow quivers which were not only highly functional but also great to look at.  The good news is that they have started to produce a line of bows, even better is that these are as great to look at as their quivers. The guys have teamed up with bowyer Lee Hoots and they have done a fantastic job. You may be saying to yourself, is there a need for another bow on the market and there are of course plenty to choose from already, but these bows are a little different and have their place in the market as a short but fast bow which is highly crafted. 

Addiction in all it's Glory

The bows haven't been available for long but we managed to get an early example to test. The first thing to say is that the bow is short, just 56" for the test version we have, but they also come in 54".The length makes them ideal as a bow to be used when space is a premium, in a blind or possibly from a tree stand, but as we shall see later it's just as good out there in the open. The diminutive proportions extend beyond the length and the riser section is equally small but has a great feeling to it. The shape means the handle sits nicely in the web of the hand and it feels solid in the draw. The bow is wonderful to look at, our one is black Gaboon ebony and has a wonderful sweeping red S wave running through, the grip is also stippled which means it stays in place without the need for a rubber grip which while practical for me tend to detract from the beauty of a bow. We will talk about the business side of the limbs in a moment but the veneers need special attention as they are simply stunning. They are spalted Sycamore and are some of the best looking limbs I have seen in a very long time. The quality however doesn't stop there as the limb tips look great too, built up and matching the riser they look both solid and pretty. It doesn't end there however as the detail on the riser extends to belly and face overlays which set the bow off to perfection. 
We first mentioned this review some time ago and it has taken a while for it to come out, that's because this bow is very special and we wanted to make sure we tested it as much as possible before we put anything in writing.I gave it it's first outing out in our testing woods, I had a tuff shot and couple of 3D's at my disposal and spent the day setting them up at various distances to give the bow a full going over. I'm not normally a fan of recurves or short bows so it was a surprise to find that I loved this bow the first time I drew it back. It is super smooth and even at full draw it doesn't feel the 48# it claims to be, yet on releasing the string the arrow zips off at great speed. The handle is very thin, but this is not a problem as it feels super comfortable with a nice high grip, the stippled effect means the bow stays in place without the need for the addition of a leather handle. I normally shoot a carbon based bow but this one with bamboo cores and glass limbs was more than a match in the speed department so I got the chronograph out and had a look at how fast it was. 
445gn   9.27gn/#     175fps
500gn   11.45gn/#   171fps
530gn   11.04gn/#   161fps
565gn   11.77gn/#   152fps
It should not be noted that any figures we quote for bows are compiled while shooting off the fingers and are quoted for an indication only, and I should also point out that I was using a super skinny SBD string. Regardless of that this bow is fast, very fast. But speed is not every thing and this bow is very shootable indeed. I had no trouble switching between this and my normal bow and it was a real joy to shoot. 
Addiction Strung Profile
While we give every bow a very good test it's not often that we use the bows we review in competition, mainly because we take our archery very seriously and switching bows while competing is a bit of a risk. It's one thing hitting a 3D in the woods on your own, but when you need to get those kills it's vital that you have a deep relationship with the bow in question and that you know the arrow will go exactly where you want it to. But this bow was different, I instantly felt comfortable with it and I just had to try it out at a proper shoot. So with a 3D shoot the next weekend I packed the bow up and set off to give it a real going over in the most difficult of conditions. The bow was excellent, there were of course the odd few shots which were slightly off and my score was a little below par, but I wasn't too concerned as I was enjoying the bow and what it could do. In the end I ended up with a third place which was great given I had spent just a few hours using the bow before the competition. The other thing to mention is this bow is very light in the hand and while I generally don't get bothered by a bow this one was very easy to carry around the woods and didn't get snagged up in trees or bushes as bows can sometimes do when navigating around the great outdoors.
Addiction unstrung Profile
The question is who is this bow really for, at 56" it's short, however if you needed a bow to shoot from a tree stand or hide then something this short would be a real advantage.  I must say I didn't get finger pinch at all. The bow also comes with a 2 year warranty. 



Features & Design

A great looking bow, especially this black and red combination. It's sleek and very well built.


Great performance for such a short bow.

Value for Money

Given the performance it is excellent value, this one has a few added options so the price is a little higher than the standard price. It's a lot of bow for not a lot of money.


One of the best recurves I have shot. It's small compact size is a joy rather than a problem and it still has plenty of speed.

Essential Details

Price : $795

Addiction in the Kill

Addiction Limb Tips front

Addiction Limb Tips Back

Addiction Stippled Grip 

Addiction All the Gory Details

Addiction Limbs 

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