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Reviewed by Steve
Jan 15, 2019
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From Boyton Archery and made by the hand of Chris Boyton himself.

Although this is a basic Hickory and Lemon wood Longbow, it holds a special place in my heart, I have owned this bow for so long I can't even remember when I got it, what I do know is that at the time I did a lot of Longbow Target shooting and had around 12 or 14 longbows in a similar poundage, this though, was the bow with which I won my first County Championship outdoors. It has been well shot over the years and the limbs have taken a slight set forward as Longbow limbs are wont to do. Despite this on my scales the rascal still weighs in at 45#, exactly as marked all those years ago.

Boyton Lem%2FHic 45%23

The nocks are made from French Charolay horn and finely carved to an elegant point, in fact the whole bow is wonderfully tapered, the quality of the wood is evident in the even denseness, consistent colour and grain structure.

This is one of Chris' very old bows, his latest are a combination of Ipe and bamboo, having had just a short play with one I can tell you they are something else, we have spoken with Boyton archery and will have one in the not too distant future to test. So, as I said the bow is quite a number of years old yet still shoots very well indeed. The handle is wrapped in a braided material and is comfortable and gives a good grip.

The Bow is 75" tall from Nock end to nock end but as I mentioned they taper and are quite long, from string groove to string groove it is 72", the string is a Custom home made Dacron 12 strand Flemmish twist. The bow conforms fully with the BLBS criteria of being a "D" shape, it's very well made but then that goes without saying, Boyton bows have a reputation and this one doesn't let it down.

Within inches of drawing it the power starts to come and builds smoothly all the way to 28", which is the draw length at which I test, I didn't draw it further as even 28" is just a tad long for me, in terms of hand shock it's very tame, it does produce some shock but not as much as some, on the kicked by a horse scale it would rate as 4/10 which is why it was one of my favoured longbows, with a sensible arrow I was able to get a point of aim on a Hereford at 80 yards just on the top of the boss.

Over the chrono this is what I got

445gn        9.80gn/#       154fps
500gn       11.11gn/#      148fps
530gn       11.70gn/#      144ps
565gn       12.55gn/#      141fps

I have used the same standard arrow weights as used in all the bow tests so that comparisons can be made.

All the arrows were shot at 28" draw. The test was conducted with 12 shots with each arrow, the 2 highest and 2 lowest readings were discarded and the rest averaged. The arrows themselves were all fitted with 3 X 5" shield feathers.

Boyton Lem%2FHic 45%23


Features & Design

A very well made traditional English Longbow, simple Lemon wood and Hickory, the staple woods used by most bowyers as their "entry Level" bow


Chris knows how to coax every last fps out of the wood, despite it's age and the number of arrows it has shot this bow can still take care of business, At the time I used to shoot this bow I knew it was fast but had no chrono, now I see the figures they are quite a shock for stick with a string

Value for Money

It was good value at the time and remains so, what has to be appreciated is that the bowyers skill in working the wood to the correct shape and producing a bow which shoots well is rarely reflected in the price the archer pays, a hand crafted object like this is worth every penny and more.


It was a cracking little bow when I got it and it still shoots well enough to make me want to take it out for a shoot.

Essential Details

Price : £240

Boyton Lem%2FHic 45%23

Still looks good when strung.

Boyton Lem%2FHic 45%23

Elegant French Charolay horn nocks.

Boyton Lem%2FHic 45%23

The braided handle is in keeping with the Longbow heritage.

Boyton Lem%2FHic 45%23

Quality cuts of wood make all the difference especially with hickory backing.

Steve and Andy

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