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Reviewed by Andy
Jan 15, 2019
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I got this bow via a charity auction, I had been wanting to try one for a while as they had good reviews and were a very good price for a custom made bow. In the end I ended up paying more than I would have done for a new one but the money went to a good cause. The usual wait for customs ensued and I took delivery a few weeks later.

The bow is a long bow, take down, with the obligatory limb reflex, strung it's not too pronounced but being a 3PC take down would not go under the radar as a flat bow in competition. The riser is bubinga with maple accents and looks very nice, the limb cores are action'boo with American walnut stained fiddleback mertlewood veneers under clear glass, the limb tips are laminations of bubinga/maple/micarta, the workmanship is very good, don't get me wrong it's a really nice bow but it's just doesn't have that top notch look you get with other much more expensive bows, however the exotic wood does set it apart. However this was a second hand bow and does look really nice but up against the Morrisons and Borders of this world it just hasn't got that slight edge. 

The bow is 62" long which is on the short side for me but is available in other longer options, as standard it also comes with D-97 Flemish string, with silencers and nocking point installed. This means the bow is pretty much ready to shoot when delivered which isn't always the case even with very expensive bows so kudos for that. The limbs are held on to the rise by means of two holding pins and the bolt and this gives a nice solid feel to the fit. Firefly bows are made by Jim Jones and he obviously knows what he is doing as it is very well made, especially for the price as I have seen similar priced bows which have fallen well short of this in terms of build quality.

The bow is marked at 55#@29" and when measured was 53# at my 28" and a bit draw length. Of course the true test of a bow is the shooting.

The bow is smooth to draw and feels very nice in the hand, the riser is not bulky but is a decent handful, at first we were shooting at 20 yards or so and I was getting very good groups in the gold, we then had to bring the target closer to around 10-15 and again the groups were very consistent. For the given materials the performance was good spitting the arrow out with some decent speed. I didn't take any time to set the bow up and I simply used it as it had been delievered, however I didn't need to as it seemed to have been done perfectly by the previous owner, there was of course little to no hand shock and it had a really nice feel in the shot. I spent most of the day shooting the bow and really enjoyed using it.

All in all it's a great bow, looks pretty good, shoots excellently and was pretty cheap when all was said and done. The new price is also pretty reasonable at around $490-$600 depending on woods and I would definitely recommend it. 

Unfortunately I had this bow only for a short time and I was unable to get decent and consistent chronograph readings or take any pictures that would do it justice, Jim Jones the bowyer has allowed us to include some pictures of Philip Sutton's Firefly, the bow pictured is Cocobolo with bamboo cores and Tamo Ash limbs and I'm sure you agree looks wonderful.


All images published with kind permission

of Firefly bowyer Jim Jones and owner Philip Sutton



Features & Design

Looks nice but lacks the certain something you get with the much more expensive bows. But it is very well made and comes with everything you need.


Not stunning, but pretty good for what is essentially an entry level custom bow. What it might lack in out and out speed it more than makes up for in it's shooting ability.

Value for Money

A $400 starting price means this is great value for money.


Does what it says on the tin, great value with decent performance. Recommended for anybody on a budget looking for something a little better than the mass produced Korean stuff.

Essential Details

Price : From $400


Bow Reviews

A Firefly in it's natural environment.

Firefly Riser and medallion detail

A close up of the medallion set in to the riser

Fire Fly bows strung

Two Firefly bows strung to show limb profile

FireFly riser

Lovely finish to the riser.

All images published with kind permission of Firefly bowyer Jim Jones and owner Philip Sutton

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