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Reviewed by Steve
Jan 14, 2019
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What's in a name ?... to my mind ..."a very great deal". Your name follows you through life, as a clean pair of shoes might influence a first impression so a name will, to some extent, influence how you are perceived... look here, my father for some strange reason wanted to call me Arnold, my mother ( being Irish), wanted to call me Finnbar - they could not agree and ended up calling me Steve... Steve's are a dime a dozen... Arnold would have probably presented it's own problems for me and perhaps I too at some point might have had to take up body building, Finnbar is pretty cool - I wouldn't have minded being called Finnbar. However Steve opens no doors for me and conversely a name may even close other doors... it's a huge responsibility when you give something a name.......

I didn't know what an Arroyo was, it didn't scream anything at me, it just seemed to be a jumble of syllables and sounds conveying to me  "absolutely nothing".... so I looked it up. An Arroyo is a Spanish word which translates as a wash, creek or stream-bed that seasonally fills and flows when there has been sufficient rain - a wadi on other continents...

I don't get it??.. I am not being awkward, really I am not, but I am a little bit angry with the folks at RER .... and here's why..... this little bow is a "Brahma" ( The first god in the Hindu Trimurti - the senior god whose job was creation.... A good name !, adopted from the Hindi into English slang .. meaning.. "Top Johnny".. you get the idea ...), it's a short hunting recurve and it's got a Donkey name ... come on guys, it needs a name to match the way it shoots... not the name of a dried up old river bed !! You could have looked to the natural world, for the name of some small but deadly insect or snake, or something that produces toxic venom - hey, venom... there's a good one , or even mosquito, you know mosquitoes kill around 3 million people every year ! At least it's a name that might make me look twice.... Arroyo is not working for me..

Be all that as it may, Andy got this bow sometime ago and it is a little heavier than either of us generally shoot. He happened to mention to me a few weeks ago and said he was going to sell it. I asked if I could shoot it seeing as I never had, and this is the point.... the name gave me no clue as to what I might expect..... and when I did shoot it I was entirely taken aback.


Marked 57# @ 26" - my draw is 28" and when I put it on the scales it was drawing 62# for me, coupled with it's short stature of only 54" I figured on some finger pinch and perhaps the propensity to stack at any draw over say 25".... WRONG ! no stacking, in fact a very smooth draw and no pinch either, it felt as comfortable as a "normal" sized bow. I am not even sure I am supposed to be shooting a bow at this length, common wisdom tells us that perhaps a draw of 28" should be using a longer bow but I can tell you it threw up no issues for me at all

First impressions.. it put me in mind of those old 50's and 60's bows like a short Shakespear or Wing bow, it's has a lovely curly appearance, further enhanced by the remarkably recurved static tips, even when unstrung this little bow looks positively vicious, it's small but looks as if it really will pack a punch ( sort of like a Tazmanian Devil - hmmm... good name !), it looks no less deadly when strung and has the appearance of a bow that is champing at the bit for some action and gagging for the chance to stick an arrow in the next hapless creature that crosses it's path... a psychotic bow , a bit of a nutter... a bow with a snarl for a face.... meet ...................... Arroyo !! nah.. it ain't working !

It's Osage with Osage veneers - and in my opinion probably the least striking looking of the woods available. The shelf is radiused and the window is bigger than it looks at a tad over 4". I set the brace at an arbitrary 7 1/2" and a nock point 3/10" and she shot hard, really hard, I am used to seeing arrows shooting at 180fps and could tell instantly that this little beauty was sending them out far in excess of that... I referred to the website to see what the recommended brace was in case I wasn't getting as much speed as she had to offer and I had by luck set it at the recommended height - I briefly flirted with 7" and 7 1/4" "just to see" but at 7 1/2 it was sheer poetry. No shock, no vibration just pure power, my pope and young cut fletches were zinging down range like evil mosquitoes ( hmm that word again !) and the thump at the other end told me the arrows were hitting home with impetus.

At some point someone had put a little covering sleeve on the riser section of the bow in the handle - I really like this stuff, it had a rubbery tactile feel and it worked especially well on the superbly shaped grip. The shelf has a nice little bit of rug and the strike plate is hard leather, a previous owner has installed 2 little puff ball silencers, I can't tell if they are making too much difference only to say that it is silent, I have not taken them off to see if it makes any more noise, but somehow I doubt it. The bow shoots solid and truly appears to have no vices for such a short bow.

Right now I am awash with bows, I have no need of another, but I can hardly bear the thought of this bow going "out of the family", maybe it's just my covetous nature,but this is a bloody nice bow and we have not even talked about the price. The base model starts at $560... which this is, if you want 2 woods or some fancy stuff you can add some more dollars but at $560 this represents incredible value... They will even add a carbon layer under the backside fact the bow is very customisable indeed as you can choose between 3 wrist positions, from low through medium to high. I have no doubt that if this were in a weight that I might actually use on a regular basis it would not be going up for sale, Andy and I would probably have to have a fight about it... on second thoughts they are such excellent value we would probably just buy another, there is not a lot out there for three hundred and fifty quid, if that was my budget I would be ordering one right this minute, I would dearly love to shoot one at 47# @ 28" ( hint ..hint.. wink .. wink - birthday is in May but you could do a Christmas and birthday thing if you wanted !!)

So to the chrono... as always 12 shots with each weight, drop the 2 highest and 2 lowest and average the rest..

450gn     7.25gn/#          206fps
500gn      8.06gn/#         200fps
580gn      10.35gn/#       191 fps

As a hunting bow it offers serious stopping power, it also means  you could shoot 3D's with a really nice heavy arrow and still get some flat shooting.

Features & Design  

Wicked looks, with those heavily recurved limb tips, handle is beautiful to hold and the balance is excellent, in a fancy wood this would look even better.

Shoots over 200fps, I guess there are faster # for # bows out there but there are plenty that are slower, speed is part of the equation and for me that part is fulfilled . But there is also the shootability factor and this bow hits home there too... shooting a powerful bow also offers something a little extra... it's that feeling of being able to reach out and DESTROY the target with a heavy arrow... if I recall, that is called FUN !!
Value for Money  
$560 ??? come on .. ! I am seriously considering not publishing this until I can get me a new one as I am scared they will put the price up... they should because the bow is worth much more than $560 !!
Superb bow that looks superb, shoots superbly and is superb value-- yeah, I could have used a thesaurus to find an alternate word but why should I when the bow is SUPERB !!....................................................... even if it has got a daft name !!!... now , no offence RER but perhaps you should let us run a competition to name your next bow ...???



Essential Details

Price : US $560... UK £341

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