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Reviewed by Steve
Jan 14, 2019
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These bows were part of a batch made and used in the film Arthur, made by Steve Ralphs ( the bow and arrow man). Steve has either made the bows or been involved in virtually every film made that has archery in it, he makes Longbows and every kind of historical bow.

I bought these bows, 6 of them, not just because of their interest as film props but as working, shooting bows for a bit of fun.

Made from Fibreglass with a few wood and leather accents the bows of course are not replicas just look-a-likes of the real thing. In draw weights from 30# to 50# they actually do shoot ok. The glass limbs are dressed in faux leather with thonging at various point - they are all different to look at but conform to the same dimensions.

54" long and when drawn and producing the radical shape that marks out the Horse bows styles. As an almost indestructible bow it has an unlimited draw length.

They are well before center but with the right spined arrow shoot straight as you please, considering the rudimentary materials ( a curly stick of fibreglass covered in fake leather) there is remarkably little handshock and although they are not the fastest of bows, they were not intended for competition, the heaviest shoots a light arrow at around 140fps, so these are definitely not toys. More for the reinactor than out and out archer which sounds a little pompous because these bows have been a lot of fun to shoot and fun is what we are after isn't it?

The Horse bow style always produces a bow which draws up lighter than the weight would suggest and these are no exception, even after I had weighed the heaviest I still found it difficult to believe it was the weight it was, all these types of bow are sweet to draw.

At the price of £80 these bows are certainly not over priced and offer a lot of fun for not much money.


Features & Design

Produced with all glass/resin to look like a horse bow and covered in fake leather


A fun bow which looks good buit in terms of performance .... shoot it just for fun

Value for Money

£80 for an almost indestructable bow


Hang it on the wall, thow it in the back of the car, leave it strung for a year - you won't hurt this bow, shoot it for fun an d it's £80 well spent.

Essential Details

Price : £80

Sythian Horse Bow

It looks the part...

Sythian Horse Bow

 ..and they draw sweet enough.

Sythian Horse Bow

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