Super Shrew Scout 58" 56#@28"

Reviewed by Andy
Jan 14, 2019
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I got this bow by way of a trade for a Black Widow longbow, I'd had read a lot about Shrew bows but not had the opportunity to try one so this was the perfect opportunity. At 56# it was at the upper reaches of my draw limit but it was no problem shooting it.

It is all of it's 56# however it does send the arrows out at some speed and defiantly with some force as they punched in to the target and were seriously difficult to remove. There didn't see to be a lot of range however as I was having to aim fairly high on the 15-20 yard targets, not sure how it would cope further out, not too well I would imagine. I was using the same 75-80# spine arrows I used before however they seemed to be going OK at this short range, slightly further out and I was having to adjust my aim to the right which suggested that the spine was a little too much for it, I have some 65-70# which might be more suitable.

Having had a good go of it I rather like it, the compact size, as I said, means it's portable and can easily fit in to the boot of a car, a rather odd criteria but important to me. The inside of my index finger is a little hard today which would suggest a little finger pinch with consistent use but I wasn't conscious of it while shooting.

I can't see this as a bow I'd be using on a field shoot here in the UK as the lack of range would be a problem. Having said that it's also one I'd be keen to keep a hold of, the fact I can sling it in the back of the car and don't have to spend time putting it up goes in it's favour.



Features & Design

Nice leather handle and that distinct Shrew shape, wide but thin limbs. Very light in the hand which I liked.


A great shooting bow, no noticable finger pinch which is unusal on such a short bow.

Value for Money

At $650 a real bargin for what is up there with some of the best bows around.


This bow is a real winner, a great price matched by great performance with a style all of it's own.

Essential Details

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