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Reviewed by Steve
Jun 01, 2016
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I am not too different from most archers or in fact from anyone who does an outdoor activity,  when I go to a shoot, whether it's field or target, I like to have comfortable footwear. I would go further than that, I need to have comfortable footwear. I have been out before in boots that are painful and it ruins the whole out of doors experience.

I have owned and used a pair of Brasher boots for some years, however these are high ankle and robust, more suited to the wetter and colder seasons, during this recent spell of hot summer weather I decided that a lighter boot would be more appropriate.

Krypton GTX

Brashers suggested their women's Krypton boot which was designed for " ultimate walking comfort perfect for low level trails". An archery field course would probably be no more intense than a low level trail despite some of the slopes and gradients encountered. As with so many of the newer generation of fabric boot these could easily be mistaken for trainers, in England in the woods or forest even in summer it is still quite likely you will encounter water or mud so it was good to see that these boots are Gore-Tex lined for waterproofness and breathe-ability. The look and feel of trainers with the ruggedness and features of a boot seems like a winning combination, with a bow it's all in the shooting, with a boot it's all in the stomping..

For me the only drawback of nubuck and fabric boots is that they look so lovely when new. The first time they are used in Krypton GTXwoodland they will get grubby - I found a small stream still running despite the tropical temperatures and deemed it my duty to test the water proof properties and the mesh panels on the uppers. I had no doubt they would be water tight but the area around was muddy and in no time the boots were filthy. My feet of course stayed dry.

The stiffer sole worked well, a boot like feel which gives good traction and supports the foot even across slippery slopes this is due to the TPU plate for torsional rigidity, the lable also informs that they have a mid sole shock absorber along with a memory foam collar and tongue which I found to be comfortable even after a long day. Having been used to a "full on" boot the look of a low cut boot makes you feel it might not be as secure on the foot, however the heel area fits very well and almost cups the ankle making the boot feel very much part of your foot. The rubber on the front allows extra purchase when tackling rocky and steep inclines. 

At first they were a little hard on my feet, I suppose they need to be tougher than a trainer, after several wears though, they are now feeling a little more moulded to my feet and more comfortable. The breathable nature means no sweaty feet and consequently sweet smelling feet !! If they are anything like my first pair of Brashers then they will last for years, That's what I like about Brasher boots, they are tough and hard wearing.

It didn't take too long to clean them up again and although they no longer look brand new they do have an attractive seasoned look now. Brashers have struck gold again producing a boot which is so much more than a "pretty face". These boots offer the tough qualities expected from something sporting the Brasher brand name but still look good enough to go shopping in.

The RRP is £95 but as with so many things nowadays, a quick look on the internet will save you at least £15 and make these even better value.


Features & Design

Once again Brashers address a particular aspect and design a boot with that in mind. A light weight summer boot for archery which will also be breathable and waterproof, comfortable to wear yet tough enough to cope with "off road" conditions.


We expect top performance when paying top price. Brasher never fail to deliver and this boot is no exception.

Value for Money

No doubt you will be familiar with the phrase " you get what you pay for" never was this more true with footwear, you can expect the boot to do all it promises and when a boot promises so much then certainly that must be value.


An excellent choice as a summer archery field boot

Essential Details

Price : £95

Krypton GTX

GTX low cut boots

Krypton GTX

Memory foam makes the boots a personal fit , not to mention luxuriously comfortable.

Krypton GTX


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