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Reviewed by Steve
Jun 01, 2016
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Although during the summer you can mostly get away with a t shirt, those blazing hot days are all too rare and sadly the summer is all too short. For the seasons of Spring and Autumn too you need a little something extra on when it gets a little chilly. Perhaps my favourite Craghoppers garment is this "Kruxx" jacket.


It is made from the same material as the stretch trousers and contains 7% elastine with the polyester. This means it is close fitting without being uncomfortable and no matter weather you have just a T shirt or a couple of layers on, the jacket keeps everything in place, the arms too are nice and tight, meaning you won't have any string clearance issues.

The stain and water repellant clothing is treated with a Smart Dry nano technology - this means the repellent compound is bonded to the material which makes liquids just run off, the garment is quick drying, so when it's washed or does get soaked then it will dry in short time.

There are several pockets both inside and out and the outside ones have zips so will be secure whilst you are scrambling about. The cuffs too have a velcro strap which enables it to be closed around the wrist, a drawcord at the hem keeps the jacket from flapping about and a small zipped pocket on the left arm completes the features.

If you like to listen to your I pod whilst shooting there is a special zipped pocket with headphone exit place.

However the main reason I like this jacket is it's stretchy properties, I can put it on over whatever I am wearing and it is still light enough to give freedom of movement - A brilliant top layer when you don't need a full on winter jacket but it's too chilly not to wear a jacket at all.



Carolines' View

Reviewed By Caroline, 24 May 2010

Womens Kruxx Jacket

I found this Jacket to be a very useful addition to my archery wardrobe. The first time I wore it to a shoot I was impressed by its flexibility. I own a lot of stretchy jeans and tops but this jacket seems even stretchier, if that makes any sense. I checked the labels on some of my other clothing and found most had between 3 to 5% elastane or similar material to add "give", as already mentioned this has 7% which accounts for the way it almost flows about you. It really did make a difference to movement. The stretchiness of the fabric allowed me to pull it on  over my clothing and  keep everything neatly in place so as not to be flapping about and getting in the way of my bow when shooting.


At my last club shoot I did not count on the weather turning nasty and had not brought any wet proof jacket with me but was impressed with the way it repelled the water in a light shower. It dried out very quickly. Because it is wind proof I felt quite warm with no need to wear extra clothing, it feels lightweight and is breathable.
It has a zipped security pocket on the upper arm of the sleeve, a good place to stash a spare pen for score keeping and two zipped side pockets on the front. I particularly liked the inside pocket for keeping your ipod/MP3 player dry with outlet for headphones.


Features & Design

If I were designing a light weight jacket in which to shoot this would probably be it.


A great jacket which fills the gap between a heavy weight jacket and no jacket at all. Water repellent, wind proof and light weight.

Value for Money

£70 is a lot of money but you could get a real bargain by looking out for this in the sales.


One of my favourite items when shooting

Essential Details

Price : £70


The ladies jacket is cut to be fitted, this coupled with it's elasticity makes it a snug top.


The collar can be worn down, but because the zip goes right to the top.....


... it makes a useful storm collar.


The inside zipped pocket has an earphone closure.


A small pocket on the left arm is out of the way of bracer or string.


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