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Reviewed by Steve
Jun 01, 2016
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There can be few folk who don't know what fleece is and even fewer who don't own one or more. This is Craghoppers micro fleece, micro because the fibres are so fine. As with all fleeces it offers a light weight and warm layer which also dries very quickly.


It boasts a half zip neck and a high collar which can be turned up or down. The advantage of a light weight top (320g) which will pack down in to a small space is obvious for an archer who will be outdoors from dawn to dusk and doesn't wish to carry more than the bare essentials. Combine this fleece with the "Kruxx" jacket and you have a shooting outfit that will cope with a variety of conditions but not burden you with awkward items to carry - the archery is supposed to be about the shooting and not about being a pack horse.




Carolines' View

Reviewed By Caroline, 24 May 2010

 Miska Micro Fleece

The Miska Microfleece is as good for archery as it is for everyday wear. It is super fine and so lightweight it can be packed up really tiny to fit into the smallest of field packs. I wore mine tied around my waist so it was handy towards the end of the day when the shoot was almost over, I just pulled it on and continued to shoot.. This can be worn as a base layer or over the top of clothing. It has a half zip and no pockets. The fit is shaped at the waist to give a flattering look and comes in eight colours, so you can mix and match your look with no problem.
It is fast drying which is great if you do get wet as it will dry out quickly on the way home in the car. Despite it being fine and lightweight this does not compromise on warmth. I wore mine late into the evening and did not need any extra layers.



Features & Design

Lightweight and warm - no more or less than you would expect from a micro fleece


I wear this fleece at any time, sure it's supposed to be summer, but in between the days when the sun shines it isn't as warm as we would wish - this top fills the gaps.

Value for Money

£30 for a quality fleece is not excessive


Put it on and you won't want to take it off, which says it all.

Essential Details

Price : £30


Warm but lightweight.


Halz zip.


Steve and Andy

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