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Reviewed by Steve
Jun 01, 2016
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This base layer top is probably the most technical garment I have ever come across - I know a little something about outdoor clothing having spent over 3 years in the far east, in jungles, up mountains and on far flung islands and a top like this would have been worth much more than the £40 price tag if it had been available then.

Firstly we have a light weight, long sleeve top created with a cotton/polyester/spandex mix which offers wicking action, which means it will help carry moisture from the body and pass it through the garment quickly. It will also offer protection from Ultra Violet, in fact it has an ultra violet protection factor of 40 which blocks 97.5% of uv radiation.

However the most impressive feature is the textile impregnation treatment which gives the fabric permanent insect repellency. It has been tested and is effective against 90% of mosquito and insect bites. Every year at some point I have been to a shoot and had no repellent on and suffered from bites whilst shooting in a damp wood. Craghoppers produce a range of Nosi clothing in addition to the short and long sleeve version of this top which I have no doubt will prove popular with outdoor folk who are fed up being bitten.


Carolines' View

Reviewed By Caroline, 24 May 2010

Womens NosiLife  Atoll ZO

When I read about Craghoppers Nosi range of womens clothing I was intrigued to find out just what it was all about. NosiLife is a unique permanent anti-insect repellent technology providing protection from insect bites for the lifetime of the clothing.

NosiI thought straight away that this would be the answer to those shoots that take place in the woods early in the day when the biting insects are out and at their worst. I always make sure I spray myself with repellent before a shoot; there is nothing more annoying than being bitten and then spending the rest of the day scratching. On my last shoot I decided to put it to the test and I braved the day without the insect repellent and wore the NosiLife half zip top as my protection instead. In the early morning the biting insects were there in the damp woodland all around me, but throughout the day I was completely bite free. Yes, it definitely worked, no more insect repellent required again. Just a set of NosiLife clothing and you are set for life.
The lightweight top comes in various styles for women and is not only permanently insect repellent but is a sun protective fabric and wicks moisture away from the body. The quick drying fabric requires no ironing which is an added bonus. I hate ironing.
The top is shaped at the sides so there is not baggy loose material to get in the way of those important shots and there is a neat little zip pocket concealed at the bottom, handy for the lip balm and finger tab and a tissue if you should need it.



Features & Design

It's a base layer that dries quick, protects from the sun and repells insects- that is a serious list of properties, even if it made tea it wouldn't be more impressive


Does everything it says it will.

Value for Money

£40 may seem a lot for a top but the addition of the mosquito and insect repellent properties add huge value.


A highly technical top which fulfils several roles. This is a top for folk who take the outdoors seriously

Essential Details

Price : £40


Full sleeve protection, but is available as short sleeve too.


Full collar with half zip.

Also available in Polo style.


Cocealed zip pocket on the left hand side.


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