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Reviewed by Steve
Jun 01, 2016
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I owned only one pair of boots for outdoor use which I thought would be adequate all year. But when the summer eventually comes sometimes a heavier pair of boots is just too much and when the weather warms up you really need something much lighter, cooler and yet still give all the benefits of being waterproof and breathable.

Karrimor Low eVent-

When I first tried these boots I was impressed with the lightness of weight and how comfortable they felt, with a low cut they look more like trainers than boots. I wore them around the house for a bit first to check that they were a good fit. But I needed to put them to the test, you have to wear boots at length to get a really true picture of how they feel and perform. So I have worn them on several occasions to do just that. Yes they feel lightweight and very comfortable. They seem to mould to the contours of my feet. I took plenty of plasters with me on my first days shoot expecting to get blisters whilst ‘breaking them in’. But I did not get one single blister; the cushioning at the back of the boot is padded and soft with no hard seams to dig in and rub the heel or ankle bone.

I like room in the toe area so I can wriggle my toes and not be restricted. These boots gave the feet room to spread out but also felt secure with no slipping up and down. If you like a wider fit these boots have it, they come in half sizes which gave me a better fit as I have one foot which is a whole size smaller than the other.  After hours of walking around the course I completely forgot about my new boots, which is just what you want when you need to concentrate on your archery and not the aches and pains of your feet. Not only were my feet comfy throughout the day, they were also dry even though I had splashed through a small stream.

Karrimor Low eVent-

The next shoot  was a very hot day, I was tempted to wear my sports sandals but thought this was the ideal time to test out the breathability of the eVent® technology. Karrimor uses eVent® membranes which claim to let the sweat out and yet is also waterproof. My feet were dry at the end of the day and I particularly like the fact that you can remove the foam footbeds which are machine washable.

They come in a choice of 5 subtle colours and the Vibram sole offers excellent grip.



Features & Design

A lightweight low cut boot with good stifness yet offering enough flex to be classed as comfortable.


Very comfortable and easy on the feet, the low cut doesn't offer huge ankle support but does make them easy to wear. The waterproof membranes work well so too does the breathability.

Value for Money

I have tracked these boots down on the internet for just under £38, which has to make them terrific value.


I very much like these boots and tend to reach for these first, the level of comfort is a major factor and at just 492g they are as light as trainers but offer breathability and great waterproof properties

Essential Details

Price : £38

Karrimor Low eVent-

Karrimor Low eVent-

Karrimor Low eVent-

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