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This third DVD in the longbow series turns it’s attention to Medieval arrows, as with the previous 2 DVD’s this one can happily claim to be the definitive guide to Medieval arrows with 2 and a half hours of non stop information.

The title is a little misleading because in addition to the fletching of Medival arrows there is so much here from traditional fletching in the style and using the tools of the time to repairing arrows with the most modern of lathes and everything in between.
Our guides and experts are Steve Stratton, Mick Manns and Mark Stretton.  Arrows for a normal Longbow are tricky enough to get right, but those trying to re-create the arrows that were shot from the really heavy weight Warbows will find this companion invaluable and certainly one viewing won’t be enough. The DVD is structured so well that it can be used as you would use a book.  Each section is a self contained masterclass so you can pick and choose the relevant section for the job or style you wish to work on.Mick Manns takes you through an interesting exercise making arrows in the traditional way with the tools of the period, you start to understand the incredible skill possessed by the fletcher and the regard in which both he and his arrows would have been held.

Each step of the process right from the choice of wood, the profile of the shaft through to footing, nocking and binding is explained in clear simple steps. With this DVD it is possible to go from no knowledge to expert if the information is followed.
Heavy bow shooters will snap this DVD up in quick time, however for those who shoot Longbows I would say this DVD is not just invaluable but required viewing. Quite apart from the learning aspect of the film I thoroughly enjoyed the whole presentation and at just 20 quid it represents astonishing access to three of the foremost authorities on Warbows and the arrows that were and are shot from them.   


Features & Design

Another no nonsense DVD from English Longbow Films. As with the other 2 films in the series these DVD's are genuinely looking to provide top quality information in a straightforward manner, the fact that the director, producer and all those involved in the production of this film are proper archers is evident - they know what they want to say and they have brought in the "talent" to enable the message to be easily understood - the subject is covered in comprehensive detail and the DVD has been o


The Guys involved really care about their subject and know it inside out. The passion shines through.

Value for Money

£20 gets you and audience with three of the most knowledgeable archers - unlike most "experts" the guys can demonstrate a knowledge of their subject through years of practical application - these are the voices of experience - it's worth every penny for those that just want to be entertained or those who want to learn from Masters.


Brilliant DVD - you will watch this time and again. As a work of reference there is nothing like it.

Essential Details

Price : £20

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