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There have been a number of archery scoring apps on the market for a number of years, many of which predate the latest generation of smart phones. initially these were nothing more than a glorified spreadsheet system, allowing you to add your score as digits and then applying various formulas to give you scores for ends, rounds and complete competitions; some even allowed for analysis of shooting across scores. But with a new breed of mobile device and touch screen this allowed for more interaction in a natural way. You could now present a target face and plot exactly where an arrow had landed. You might think I'm talking about smart phones, but it goes back much further than that to Microsoft's pocket PC applications. However one of the restrictions was that it was exclusively a standard FITA target face, with the familiar gold, red, blue, black and white rings. If you are an experienced archer you will know that this is only a single target face style among many and with the advent of 3D shooting the number of different targets is now almost unlimited. 

iShoot3D is a scoring app aimed exclusively at the 3D shooter. There are no target faces here. Unlike many archery scoring apps it takes a much simpler approach to the process keeping things very straightforward. When you open the app you are presented with a nice clean screen with a limited number of options, Start a Shoot, My Shooting Record and Archery Rules, in addition there are links to a Help section and a Contact Us button. 

The app has two major functions, score recording and target identification. By selecting Start a New Shoot you are taken to the shoot set up page, here you can enter the name and location of the club you are shooting at and the number of targets you will be shooting during the day. To keep things simple you are then presented with a number of scoring boxes where you can manually enter the highest score available and then four additional scores. This allows you to enter any combination you wish and therefore rounds which are normally not shot are not an issue. In addition there is a bonus score box, this is used for occasions where a particular shoot offers additional points for novelty shots, which you will know is a reasonably likely occurrence if you have shot 3D competitions.

Once we have input our score parameters we are presented with a page to enter the score for each target.  The values you entered in the previous section are now available and you can select the appropriate score for the target here. It is here where this app caters to the 3D archer as in the top left corner there is the option to look up a target. When you are on a 3D course the targets are often too far to see the scoring zones, some organisations allow you to carry placement cards and so this app does this for you in a single application. Once pressed you are shown the targets grouped in to sections so that you can locate the specific target you are looking for. There is an impressive array of targets from the Rineheart and McKenzie range and they look fantastic and in enough detail for you to spot exactly where the relevant scoring zones are. 

When you have scored your arrow for the target you click "Save & Next" and it presents the same screen again for you to complete the next targets score. It does this for the number of targets you entered in the main entry screen and keeps track of where you are at the top of the page showing how many targets you have completed. Once the last has been scored you are shown a table with the name of the shoot, date, number of targets, total score and percentage of the total score. This list is also accessible at a later date via the "My Shooting Rounds" button on the home screen. 

The "Archery Rules" button takes you to a selection screen where you can select to see the rules for both IBO and ASA scoring. These are covered in some detail with the addition of an image to show how the various zones on the targets are scored which is a very useful addition. 

The app is very simple to use, mainly because the functionality is at a minimum in all honesty. While the scoring section allows free entry there are not enough options to cover all eventualities, for example I was unable to add enough information to correctly score an NFAS big game round, which members of the NFAS will know is pretty much the only round shot on a consistent basis. Also once the scoring is complete the only option is to view the scores, there is no further analysis. While the target lookup is great it only covers two manufacturers targets, if you shoot in Europe for example you will be used to seeing a much larger array of 3D's at competitions. Of course the fact is that the software is completely free and not only that there are no additional adverts and so it seems to be a little harsh to criticise something of that nature. It is perfectly functional and easy to use if all you are looking for is a simple way to record your shoots.  


Features & Design

It looks great, no clutter and focused on the task in hand.


If you are looking for a simple no frills way to record your 3D shoot scores then it's perfect.

Value for Money

It's completely free and so if you own an iOS device there would be no reason not to download and give it a try.


Limited in the options available and the target set is restricted to two manufacturers, however as a simple and free tool it certainly does a good job.

Essential Details

Price : £2.99 (Free Trial)

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