Reparrow Hard Wood Footings

I have several friends that live in fear of breaking their wooden arrows, to the point that they only use their ” best” arrows when the targets are backed by straw or the ground has no stones. I can’t see the point of this, all my arrows are good arrows and to be honest I […]

Little John Arrows

Little John Arrows specialize in custom made arrows, finished to an exceptional standard with equal importance given to matching arrows for superior shooting performance. We only make arrows which means we are never distracted from the task at hand, our reputation is based solely on our arrows and therefore we make sure they meet the […]

Aidrian Hayes Longbow

It sounds a little hypocritical to expound on your love for the English Longbow and yet spend most of your time shooting American Longbows, Flatbows and Hybrid bows, I often think of the days when I would have not dreamed of shooting anything that wasn’t just pure wood and six feet long, back then I […]

Arrow Fix Tool Repair Broken Arrow Shafts

I sometimes wonder why I shoot wooden arrows, especially when I go to a shoot to discover they have chosen an ex-quarry and all the shots are surrounded by rocks just mm below the surface. Invariably these are the days when I miss more than usual resulting in a pile of broken shafts. Then there […]

Arrow Fix Accessory For Bamboo Arrows

The Arrow-Fix folk have done it again. They have created another great accessory for this incredible tool, pretty soon no doubt they will have an accessory that will bake you a Victoria sponge and make a “nice cup of tea”. However, this accessory is for those who use or would like to use Bamboo arrows, […]

Tonkin Cane Shafts

Most of us think of ourselves as traditionalist archers, from the finger shooting compound archer to the guy shooting the bit of bent Hickory, it seems the term covers a multitude of sins and sinners – the proper trad guys who shoot self bows and home grown wooden arrows would probably smile indulgently at the […]

Falco Legend Flatbow 50#@28″

It’s very easy to become a bow snob. All you have to do is spend $1200 on a bow and it would seem that this entitles you to call everything that isn’t your bow “rubbish”. I hear it all the time – it’s amazing how some folks will refuse to acknowledge that any other bow […]

Longbows of the Mary Rose

I couldn’t say for certain that it was the exposure the Mary Rose got that started me off in archery, I think more likely it was the interest I had always had in the romantic notion of a band of English Longbowmen, out numbered, with no hope of victory and only the certain knowledge that […]

Mandarin Duck Black Hunter 60″ 40@28″

It’s always tough to find an angle when it comes to a bow review, bows after all are rather simple things. Price is always a big one and I’ve tried long and hard to find away to write this review without reference to it. After some consideration I took the decision that there was no […]