Little John Arrows

Little John Arrows specialize in custom made arrows, finished to an exceptional standard with equal importance given to matching arrows for superior shooting performance. We only make arrows which means we are never distracted from the task at hand, our reputation is based solely on our arrows and therefore we make sure they meet the high standards we set ourselves. Not a single arrow is sent until it has been fully quality checked. 

We have been producing arrows professionally for the past 7 years and this experience means we can produce a outstanding arrow time and again. All our arrows are hand finished, we don’t use wraps or transfers in the decoration or cresting of our arrows, this makes for a stunning and long lasting finish which is far superior to standard arrows purchased from normal archery retailers. We take a personal approach to our work and talk to customers directly on the phone about their needs and are always happy to share our knowledge and skills to help find their perfect arrow.  

We stand by our work and this is reflected in the way we do business, all our arrows are guaranteed so that if you are not happy with them you can return them for  a new set or a full refund. We can offer this exceptional guarantee because like the tradesmen of old we take a measure twice, cut once policy, at every stage in the process we keep the customer informed of the progress, we can even provide sample arrows so we can be sure the customer is getting exactly what they require.

Why Use Custom Arrows

Almost all archery shops offer an arrow building service, so why bother with a specialist custom arrow manufacturer? Arrows are our business, we eat, sleep and dream arrows. An arrow is more than just a section of wood, the quality of fletching, balance and accurate matching of spine and weight make a significant difference to your ability to shoot consistently. Archery is about consistency, your form, your draw and this should extend to your arrows, we don’t just pull out a dozen bits of wood glue some fletchings on and send them to you, we hand select each shaft, weigh, spine test and only then start to build your arrows. We don’t stop there we then dip, crest and finish them to the highest standards so that not only do they fly great, they look great. 


We offer the following services.

  • Bespoke arrows made to customer’s requirements.
  • Specialize in matched wooden arrows, in sets of 8 or 12: spine within 1lb and weight matched  +/- 5 grains.  
  • If customers send me their ‘best shooting arrow’; I can replicate this for spine and weight, in sets of 8 or 12 matched arrows.
  • Records of all orders are kept so repeat orders came be made to exactly the same specification
  • Footed arrows available preferred hardwood is beef wood (massaranduba), but also available in black walnut, lemon wood, and other woods on request, subject to availability.
  • All arrows are available in the following profiles: parallel, barrelled, tapered, and chested.
  • Large range of cresting designs to personalise arrows, all hand painted, no wraps or transfers apart from the Little John Arrows logo.
  • Sample arrows can be made to customers’ specifications, and sent for them to try.
  • Personalized customer service either via the telephone or in person, by prior arrangement, to discuss exact requirements.
  • Other types of arrows made on request, include Victorian type horn nocks, spliced fletchings, whipped fletchings, price on application.
  • All our arrows are guaranteed, so that if the customer is not fully satisfied for whatever reason, we will either replace the arrows with a new set or give them a full refund.